Aug 25, 2004
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Headphoneus Supremus

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    Headphone Inventory:
    AKG K3003
    AKG K323
    AKG Y23
    Audio Technica CK7
    Audio Technica CK10 (given to a friend)
    Audio Technica CK100 (Head-Fi giveaway)
    Audio Technica CKM70 (Head-Fi giveaway)
    Audio Technica CKM50
    Audio Technica CM7ti
    Audio Technica EC7
    Audio Technica EM700
    Audio Technica EW9
    Audio Technica ES5
    DUNU DN-2000J (sold)
    DUNU Titan 1
    Etymotic MC5 (given to a friend)
    Final Audio Design Adagio V
    Final Audio Design FI-BA-A1
    Final Audio Design FI-BA-SA
    Final Audio Design FI-BA-SB
    Final Audio Design FI-BA-SS
    Final Audio Design FI-DC1601SB
    Final Audio Design FI-DC1601SS
    Final Audio Design Heaven VII
    Final Audio Design PF VIII
    Flare Audio R2A
    Flare Audio R2PRO
    Fostex TE-02WP
    Fostex TE-02n
    Futuresonics Atrio M5 (Head-Fi giveaway)
    Grado GR10
    Head-Direct RE1
    HiFiMAN RE600
    HiFiMAN RE00
    JVC/Victor FW01
    JVC/Victor FX500 (Head-Fi giveaway)
    JVC/Victor FX650
    JVC/Victor FX700 (given to a friend)
    JVC/Victor FX750
    JVC/Victor FX850
    JVC/Victor FX1100
    Klipsch Image X10 (given to a friend)
    Koss KDE250 (loaned)
    Marantz HP101
    Mingo WM2 (given to a friend)
    Novodio IHX
    Ocharaku Flat-4 SUI (given to a friend)
    Ortofon e-Q5 (given to a friend)
    Ortofon e-Q7
    Ortofon e-Q8
    Ostry KC06
    Panasonic HJE900 (given to a friend)
    Philips SHE9800
    Philips SHE9850 (returned)
    Philips SHE9700
    Philips SHE9900
    Playaz AR100
    Playaz N1
    Playaz N3
    Playaz Sonia S1S
    Playaz Sonia II
    Playaz TD100
    Radius HP-TWF11 DDM
    Sennheiser IE8
    Sennheiser IE80 (Head-Fi giveaway)
    Sennheiser IE800
    Sennheiser CX95
    Shure SE530
    Shure SE115 (returned)
    Sony EX90
    Sony EX600 (given to a friend)
    Sony EX1000
    Sony F1
    Sony MDR-7550
    Sony PFR-V1 (loaned)
    Sony XBA-3
    Sony XBA-4
    Sony XBA-H3
    Soundmagic PL30 (given to a friend)
    Soundmagic PL50 (given to a friend)
    Storm Cyclone PR1 Pro (Head-Fi giveaway)
    Storm Cyclone PR2 (Head-Fi giveaway)
    UE SF5 Pro (given to a friend)
    Ultimate Ears Reference Monitors
    Venture Electronics (VE) Duke
    Vivanco Aircoustic SM1
    Vsonic GR07 Mk2 (given to a friend)
    Westone W4
    Widing ME-10EX
    Xears XM1
    Xears XM2
    Xears Revolution XR120
    Yamaha EPH-100 (given to a friend)
    Zero Audio Carbo Tenore
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Fiio E5
    Fiio E3
    Graham Slee Voyager
    Nuforce Icon Mobile
    Xin Supermicro IV
    Source Inventory:
    Hisssoundaudio AMP3
    Cowon i9
    Cowon U3
    Creative X-Fi3
    FiiO X3
    iPod Classic 160
    iRiver E10
    iRiver T7 Vulcano
    LG T80
    Samsung Galaxy S3
    Sandisk Sansa Fuze (given to a friend)
    Sony A845
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