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t-Jays four style headphone?

  1. k923
    Are there any other headphones that have the same style as the t-Jays?
    Angled Nozzle.
    Other portion of earphone sits in ear and is semi flat.
    Has iPhone controls.
    I really didn't like the short cord on the t-Jays.  I have tried apple earpods and bose triports and they are both comfortable for me but I want more isolation.  I have tried a few in ears, turbines, klipsch s4i, shure se215's...  I don't really like the the angle those stuck out or the wrapping around the ear.  The only others I have ever found are AF78's but those don't have iphone controls just a mic.  Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
  2. dweaver
    Vsonic GR06, GR07 (all versions)
  3. dweaver
    Oops sorry missed the iPhone requirement. The flat in ear requirement mixed with iPhone controls and isolation is a tough set of requirements.

    iPhone version of the IE80 or IE8 might work.
  4. dweaver
    On the cheaper side if they fit your ears OK you might get away with the Meelec M6 but it also is over ear design...
  5. k923
    @dweaver: Thanks for the suggestions, I have actually used the m6 for running.  Right now I am looking for something that will hang straight down or possible allow me to flip them around and go over the ear.  But I don't really won't anything with the memory wire in it. Thanks again, but I'll keep looking.

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