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Where is the distortion coming from?

  1. theemgee
    Hi everyone, After sifting through tons of info on head-fi (thank you) and the rest of the net, I finally purchased my shure SE215's. I'm extremely happy with the buy, except I came across a song where the left earphone distorts with the treble. I then switched the cables, so the left cable feeds the right earphone, which made the right earphone distort and not the left. So, i think it's safe to say the earphones are not faulty. But can it be the cable to blame? Or is it the song? Even when I turn the volume right down, the earphone distorts by the same amount as when the song is playing loud. Using other (cheaper) earphones i don't hear any distortion. But is this because they are not as precise, and are not picking up certain frequencies in the song? Thanks
  2. namaiki
    What song is it? Could you link a sample of it?
  3. theemgee
    Hi, yes i can, go here:
    I initially only picked it up at 4.30.
    but now also noticed distortion significantly at 1.30
  4. soundstige
    I hear very minor clipping throughout the entire track. There is distortion from reverberation starting at 1:20 and going on for quite a while. It's just the way that synth sound was mastered I guess.
  5. kaixax555
    Yes I can pick this up even with the cheaper Monoprice 8320s
  6. MeltedWelly
    Can hear clipping & some fuzzy distortion on these Sennheiser 650's sounds more prominent in the left ear but I'm fairly certain it's there on the right side too.
  7. theemgee
    whew that's a relief, guess i was just being paranoid. Thanks for the input guys. Champs all of you!

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