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Looking for $80 IEMs sold by Best Buy

  1. WalnutTarts
    I bought a pair of Sony MDR-EX310s a while ago along with a 2-year product replacement plan. They broke a week or two ago, so I sent them in and got a Best Buy gift card for their value ($80+tax). However, the Sony MDR-EX310s are now discontinued and are not stocked by Best Buy anymore, I'm looking for a good pair of IEMs that cost no more than $80 and, more importantly, are sold by Best Buy (yeah, that kinda narrows my choices down). I mainly listen to electronic music, so I would prefer tighter/heavier bass (like the MDR-EX310s had). Any recommendations?
  2. kore
    shure 215?
  3. WalnutTarts
    Those don't seem to be stocked by Best Buy anymore...

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