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Sep 29, 2019
Mar 6, 2013
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The Flatlands. Northern UK
Instrumentaion and control, service engineer.

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100+ Head-Fier, Male, from The Flatlands. Northern UK

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Sep 29, 2019
  • About

    The Flatlands. Northern UK
    Instrumentaion and control, service engineer.
    Music, cars and my precious laptop.
    Cars, my Rover 218 Vi.
    Headphone Inventory:
    Trinity Delta, love the sound of these, and they can be tailored to suit my moods.
    RockJaw Kommands, my favourite so far, I just love the sound of these, I keep coming back to them.
    Vsonic VSD3 solid cable, not bad for the money, I use them mainly when on the tractor cutting the grass.
    Ultimate Ears Triple-fi 10's, these things never fail to amaze me, I keep threatening to get them moulded but not yet.
    Shure SE215. loveable simple sound.
    Hifiman RE 0. man are these boring, detailed but bassless and boring.
    Fischer Audio Eterna. A surprisingly enjoyable sound, a tad heavy on the bass.
    Woodees IESW101B. Liked these initially but now my tastes have moved on.
    Earsonic SM2 V2. Sold these, man they were terrible.
    JVC Victor HA-FXT90, these have been up for sale so many times and no one is interested, wonder why?
    Fidue A73, recent purchase, recommended but I find them light on the bass and upper treble with a very strong mid range, forward sounding.
    Knowledge Zenith ED3, £10 specials, man do they rock for the money, they just keep surprising me.
    Havi B3 Pro 1, bought these on the many recommendations, either there is something wrong with these or my ears hear something completely different to everybody else, totally lifeless and boring, monotonous!
    Xiaomi Piston 4. Bought on a whim, fair in sound but lacking in the treble region for me.
    Trinity Vyrus headphones, amazing for the price.
    Soundmagic HF200 full sized headphones, sounds adorable.
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Fiio E17, great for using as a dac for the DX50, sounds much better.
    Toppin TP NX2, battery has died for no apparent reason.
    Fiio E11.
    Little Bear portable valve amp. (the tube has finally burnt out, it hisses and crackles like mad but when it was working it was fantastic.)
    Three Stones Minibox-E+. (power supply literally went bang and took out the house trip, otherwise reasonable amp, a bit flat at the top end.)
    Cayon C5, had this for a short while, lots of power but emotionless and slightly lacking at the top end. Got rid of it, not a good sound.
    OPPO HA2, what a wonderful piece of kit, when connected to my S6 Edge+ the sound is phenomenal.
    Source Inventory:
    Ibasso DX50, ( on it's own it is very raw and needs EQ.)
    Hifiman HM-601, nice and mellow but not used so much now.
    Colorfly CK4, I find it's sound boring and lifeless but it does shine with WAV files.
    Xduoo X2, and amazing little performer, can lack detail at times. But for the price, you canny wack it wi a big stick!
    Sansa Clip (original,), still sounds better than the later ones.
    Shanling M2. My latest and greatest, just love the presentation.
    Lotoo Paw 5000, great all rounder, well impressed.
    Fiio X7 V1, sounds impressive, lots of options but not as reliable as I would have liked. The AM1 sounds great with IEM's, the AM3 is soulless and lacks emotion, sometimes knocks the DAP out, not a good piece of kit at all. The X7 is slow to start and still not fantastic for such a lot of money!
    Music Preferences:
    Classic Rock, some classical, electronic.


    Been there, done that, forgot all about it! Who did you say you were?
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