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Feb 12, 2009
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Self Employeed

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    Self Employeed
    Headphone Inventory:
    Westone UM3XRC (Current)
    Westone W4R (Current)
    Westone W4R (Current)
    Westone W4R (Current)
    Etymotic ER4-PT (Current)
    Etymotic ER4-P (Current)
    Etymotic ER4-P (Current)
    Etymotic ER4-S (Current)
    Shure SE535-V Bronze (Current)
    Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 (Current)

    Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 (sold)
    FitEar ToGo 334 W/ 000 Cable (Sold)
    FitEar ToGo F111 W/ BTG_AUDIO Starlight (Sold)
    JH16 PRO Freq-Phase (Sold)
    Westone UM3X (sold)
    Etymotic ER4PT (sold)
    Etymotic ER4S (sold)
    Etymotic ER4P (sold)
    Etymotic HF5 Cobalt (sold)
    Etymotic HF2 Black (sold)
    Etymotic HF2 Ruby (sold)
    Etymotic MC3 Cobalt (sold)
    Shure SE535-V (sold)
    Shure SE535-V (sold)
    Shure SE-530 W/ BTGAUDIO Removeable Cable Mod (sold)
    Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 Pro (Sold)
    Shure SE535-LTD-J (Sold)
    Shure SE535 Bronze (Sold)
    Shure E530 (sold)
    Shure SE420 (Sold)
    Shure SE310 (Sold)
    Shure SE210 (Sold)
    Shure SCL3 (Sold)
    AKG K701 (Sold)
    Westone W4R (Sold)
    Shure SE535 Bronze (Sold)
    Shure SE535-V (Current)
    Ultimate Ears Triple FI 10 (Sold)
    Shure SCL-2-K (Sold)
    Shure SCL-2-CL (Sold)
    Shure SCL-4 (Sold) Modded W/ Knowles Dampers
    Shure SCL-4 BTG_MOD (Sold)
    Shure SCL-4 (Sold) Modded W/ Knowles Dampers
    Shure SCL-5 (Sold) Modded W/ Knowles Dampers
    Shure SCL-5 (Sold) Stock Dampers
    V-Moda Vibe Duo's (Sold)
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    ALO Audio MK3-B (Current)
    Fostex HP-P1 (Current)
    Pico Slim Limited Edition #100(Current)

    IBASSO PB2 Pelican 2 W/ PB2 Topkit From Hiflight (sold)
    RSA SR71-B Rev 2 Intruder Specs (sold)
    PB2 Pelican Amp Opamp's
    LME49990 OPAMP'S X4
    HA50002 Buffers X4
    BUF634 X4
    OPAMP'S Im Using For Ibasso P4 Warbler:

    LME49990 Sinlge X3
    BB OPA604AP X2
    BB BUF 634U X2
    BB BUF634P X1
    Dummy Buffer x1
    LT1355 X1
    LT1678 X1
    JRC C2524 X1
    HA5002 X2
    Bypass Adapter x1
    2x bypass buffers
    1 dual-channel Class A adapter
    1x buf634
    2x ad797
    OPA2141 Class A pair mounted on a 2 to 1 adapter
    3x LME49860NA
    1x LME49990 Dual
    2x OPA627 Class A Bias Mod

    IBASSO P4 Warbler W/ P4 TopKit From Hiflight/muse 01 (Sold)
    ALO Audio RX MKii Amp (sold)
    JDS Labs C5 (Sold)
    JDS Labs C421 8620 (Sold)
    IBASSO D2 - BOA (sold)
    IBASSO P4-Warbler W/ LME49990 Opamp (Sold)
    Fiio E7 (Sold)
    Fiio E5 (Sold)
    Source Inventory:
    HiFiMan HM-602 16gb + 32gb 48gb total (Current)
    IPOD Classic 7th gen 160gb (Current)
    IPOD Classic 7th gen 160gb (Current)
    IPOD Classic 6th gen 120gb (Current)
    IPOD Touch 5th Gen 32gb (Current)

    Astell & Kern AK120(Sold)
    IRIVER IHP-180 80GB 2200MAH Battery RockBoxed (Sold)
    IBASSO DB2 BoomSlang 2 (Sold)
    AlgorRhythm SOLO (sold)
    Apple Ipod Touch 4th Generation 64gb (traded)
    Ipod Touch 3g 32gb (Sold)
    Ipod Touch White 4g 8gb (sold)
    Ipod Touch Black 4g 8gb (sold)
    Ipod Touch Black 3g 8gb (sold)
    Ipod Touch Black 3g 8gb (sold)
    Ipod Nano Green 8gb (sold)
    Ipod Nano Brown 8gb (Sold)
    Zune HD platinum 32gb (sold)
    Zune HD platinum 32gb (sold)
    Zune HD 16gb (Sold)
    Zune 1g White 40gb (sold)
    Zune 1g Black 8gb (sold)
    Zune 1g Red 8gb (sold)
    Creative Zen 32gb (sold)
    Creative M Video (Sold)
    Iriver Clix 2 8gb (Sold)
    Cable Inventory:
    Beat Audio Titan Pure Silver (For SE535) (Current)
    Null Lune MKiii (For TF10) (Current)
    Moon Audio Silver Dragon V1 (For SE535) (Current)
    Zee's Baldur Storm (For SE535) (Current)
    Forza Audioworks Copper LOD Usb OCC 7N Cryo Copper (Current)
    Whiplash Twag V2 Usb To 30 Pin Ipod Dock (Current)
    Oyiade ALO SXC22 Mini To Mini 3.5mm (Current)
    Alo Compact Copper 22 Mini To Mini 3.5mm (Current)
    Alo Balanced Male Canare Cable To 3.5mm Female Connector

    FitEar 000 Cable
    FitEar 001 Cable
    FitEar BTG_Audio StarLight W/ Oyiade Connector
    Double Helix Symbiote Hybrid Peptide Silver Plated Copper RSA Terminated for MMCX
    Double Helix Symbiote Hybrid Peptide Silver Plated Copper RSA Female to3.5mm Male
    Double Helix Cables Symbiote Naucleotide For sure se535's (Current)
    Chris_Himself Silver Ray Hybrid Copper & Silver W/ Mini Viablue 3.5mm Connector Cable (Current)
    Whiplash Ecli[pse Twag V2 Terminated to RSA Balanced shure mmxc connectors (Current)
    SYS-Concepts Custom Optical Cable (Current)
    Headphone Lounge Gold/Silver Female RSA To male Hirose in Purple Heart Wood Housing (current)
    Toxic Silver Poison Hirose Balanced to RSA Balanced (current)
    Ibasso Balanced to Balanced (current)
    Ibasso CB11 Ibasso Balanced to Female RSA Balanced (current)
    ALO AUDIO digital Lod to Mini A (sold)
    ALO AUDIO Copper LOD (sold)
    IBASSO CB11 Hirose to Balanced interconnect (current)
    IBASSO CB08 Balanaced Interconnect (current)
    Toxic Silver Poison 7n UPOCC For Westone W4r (Current)
    Toxic Silver Poison 7n UPOCC USB To LOD (Sold)
    Toxic Silver Poison 7n UPOCC Mini to Mini (Converted to adapter)
    Tralucent Audio 6N Pure Silver Upgrade Cable (sold)
    ALO Audio Custom SXC SOLO Cables (sold)
    ALO Audio ''THE CRICKET'' Ipod LOD (sold)
    Whiplash SCSCag 24awg cryo'd silver UP-OCC with Viablue connectors (sold)
    Chris_Himeself Pure Silver NeoTech Wire W/ Oyiade Gold 3.5MM Plug (sold)
    BTG_Audio Westone Sunrise Cable W/ Neutrik 3.5mm Plug (sold)
    Whiplash Audio Elite Twag Micro LOD (sold)
    ALO AUDIO Pure Solid Silver 20AWG Ipod LOD (sold)
    Westone 5n SPC OCC Custom Cable (sold)
    Westone Epic Cable (sold)
    ''The Dream'' 5N OCC 22awg solid silver , OYAIDE Silver 3.5mm Connector Plug (sold)
    Zune LOD (sold)
    AKG K701 Custom pure silver 8 strand ''twist'' Cable (sold)
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    Ortrofon Tips
    Proguard Earportz Tips
    Westone Silicone Star Tips + tru fit
    Westone Frosted Silicone Tips
    Comply P-Series Tips
    SHU-E3E4 Fit Kit
    SHU- PA758
    Atrio Tips
    E2c Tips
    Music Preferences:
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