1. marc4fishing

    hudson valley ear impressions....any place that does them cheap?

    I finally broke my freqshow superfreqs and i can't stand the way my triplefi's fit so I figured I will repair one set and get a custom shell for the triplefi's.  has anyone had any experience getting impressions done in the hudson valley (poughkeepsie area)?
  2. RatFarm

    So if I don't care for these IEMs, which ones would I like?

    So if I don't care for the following IEMs what would you think I would like?   Klipsch X10: Decent sounding but not very transparent. Musical but a bit veiled, lack of details.   Senn IE7: Nice bass but grainy mids, highs. Veiled.    JVC FXZ200: Very transparent and revealing, great...
  3. NumLock

    IEM for running Marathons? $100-$200

    Please don't recommend anything under $100 or that I shouldn't run with $200 IEMs. Thanks.  I have been working out with my custom molded TripleFi10s for the past 3 years I think. Love them. But the left one stopped working. Looks like I need to get a new terminal installed. I planned to get...
  4. galaxygrrl

    Suggestions on Earphones

    Hi all,    So, I'm on the market for a new set of headphones given I just lost my IE 8s :(  And I thought I would ask people for suggestions of what to look at.     I loved my Shure 535's becasue they were good with the mids, not to heavy on the base and sounded great for Jazz, talk...
  5. Harijs

    Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10 POLARITY

    Hello guys! I just want to know about the polarity of my earphones. I've lost my original cable. Which picture is right - Nr.1. or Nr.2. and how do you know it - how can you be sure about it. Thanks!
  6. canzz

    Requirements are clear. Please recommend me an IEM.

    I dont want take lot of time of yours. I will just be clear.    THE IEM MUST - suitable for electronic music - have powerfull bass - loud volume - around 100 bucks   I'D BE SO GLAD IF - has iphone control - below 150   Cheers!
  7. ReNnxz

    Tf10/Universals remolded into universals, anyone interested?

    Have you hoped that your someday your tf10 is available in more fit friendly shell as you have been constantly annoyed by its fit issues?    Or are you holding on to a universal with damaged pins sockets or shell, could not do anything with it because of the concern that high cost of...
  8. razor5cl

    Where to get UE TripleFi 10?

    I really want to get these IEMs since they have a good sound for their price, but there's one problem. Amazon UK only has them used, or imported from Japan, and they are only available marketplace on Amazon US as well. Should I just get them off eBay, or used?
  9. arielelf

    Replacement for TripleFi10

    My 3rd set of cords for my triplefi10's just broke and I discovered that replacements run close to $70 now. I bought the FiiO cable and really do not like them at all. They are gigantic and weigh down the buds and make them come unsealed very frequently.   I think I would like to try a new...
  10. energie

    I'm back to headfi....what to buy? triplefi lover

    Hi there, im back to head fi and im looking to buy a new pair of IEM.   When i was addicted i used to love ultimate ears triple fi+ comply foam, loved the sound signature so i would buy something similar.   any help?   thanks
  11. AndroidVageta

    Multi-armature CIEM...wow...so this is what I've been missing, huh?

    I just got a pair of UM TF18's (Triple.Fi 10 + 3 drivers per side so six total) in trade here on the forums and wow...I am absolutely just floored by these things. Let me just say that I used to look at $800+ IEM's and thought, "There's no way they sound as good as they cost...I mean, $1000+ for...
  12. MagellanR14

    Looking for a new IEM in the $75 to $300+ price range

    I am a hiphop head but listen to all kinds of music (metal, rock, dubstep, etc.). I dont want a bleeding base but I want it to be fun... I also love nice highs so I can hear the singing in songs nicely. Additionally, isolation is fairly important to me. I don't really know what to look at, so...
  13. escf

    Closed-ear earphones for a fan of UE TripleFi 10?

    Hi, Head-Fi folks,   I'm in the market for a pair of closed-ear over-the-ear headphones, with an emphasis on good isolation, low leakage, and comfort, and I hope you can help me pick some. I've worn UE TripleFi 10s for many years and have always preferred them to all other headphones I've...
  14. musiclover09

    Sennheiser IE 8 or Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10

    Ive decided between these two but what are the better overrall earphones?
  15. HEaDAchES

    IE8 & TRIPLE.FI.10

    This is my 1st Head-Fi post and I'm very happy to say that after making the decision to go IEM rather than cans, tonight I made 1st purchases. I just bought the Logitech Triple.fi.10 and the Sennheiser IE8. I'm saving for a Leckerton UHA-4 amp. to complete my set! I know there are tons of posts...
  16. sanmyself

    Logitech UE Guarantee / Warranty claim related question.

    Hello Friends,   I have a doubt to clarify from you all here. I am currently possessing a UE TripleFi 10 in perfect condition. I had bought it directly from Logitech online more than a year ago. Here in Germany/EU Logitech provides a 2 year guarantee/warranty. So I have almost a year still...
  17. Wolfdale

    Two pairs of the same headphones, different sound quality?

    So the title pretty much explains it all, but I just started wondering whether there are dogs and gems in headphones as there are when it comes to choosing a guitar, for instance.   Is it possible that two brand new pairs of, say, Triple.Fi 10s sound different than each other? Is it highly...
  18. St0rMl0rD

    Aaah, torn between a remold (Inearz) and new customs (1964)

    So,   I have an appointment in two weeks with my audiologist to get my impressions made. As I'm browsing through HeadFi forums, I was sure I was decided on getting my UE Triple.fi 10 Pros remolded by Fisher hearing (Inearz), but today I stumbled upon 1964 customs. Now, with a price tag of...
  19. meeklo062704

    Custom iem vs universal reshell value?

    I have been doing reading on iem, and have seen numerous threads about reshells of universal iem's. Is there an advantage to buying universal to reshell vs a custom? I am trying to make a decision between a triple.fi 10 vs westone 4r vs westone um3x, and see that the price of them with a reshell...
  20. Dobrescu George

    Best Soundstage in an UNIVERSAL IEM?...

    I have actually done a lot of reading on iems... A LOT.... but did not came to a conclussion on what has the best soundstage?....   so price range is.... around 1000$..... i read about shure se 846, sennheiser ie800, akg 3003, ultrasone iq.... and a lot more cheaper or more exensive... but...
  21. Asmodeuss1990

    Ultimate Ears TF10 vs DN2000 vs Senn IE80?

    Currently looking at these 3 and I'm wondering which one is the best overall. They're all 300$ IEM's with great sound and build quality, bass, and good isolation.  I looked around and saw that the DN2000 nor the TF-10's have been reviewed so I'm wondering how all three of these compare...
  22. big-country

    IEMs best suited for wide musical and occasional movie taste, with a hiphop/rap musical preference

    After reading up on a lot of the reviews and several of the guides for first time posters and those aspiring to maximize their listening potential, I've decided to join the community and seek out the help of those more knowledgable than I. As my title states I am looking for a set of IEMs, I...
  23. GordonA

    In-ear headphones with removable cable?

    So Ive been looking for a pair of in-ear headphones with a removable cable. i have read other forums about them being out there but couldn't exactly find a pair on the market. Does anyone have any knowledge and actually brand of such type of headphones??

    Just got some TF10's, what's the next step?

    Ok, I literally just got these today and actually have a 2nd pair on the way (saw an awesome deal on them and couldn't stop myself from snagging them for a backup). The sound signature is nice, great for my EDM music, but I am missing my mids! I don't know why they would go 2 low 1 high and...
  25. roadrat

    Ue TripleFi

    How much are mildly used Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10vi worth with all originally included accessories and case? Thinking about parting with mine.