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  1. HEaDAchES
    This is my 1st Head-Fi post and I'm very happy to say that after making the decision to go IEM rather than cans, tonight I made 1st purchases.
    I just bought the Logitech Triple.fi.10 and the Sennheiser IE8. I'm saving for a Leckerton UHA-4 amp. to complete my set! I know there are tons of posts (good & bad) about both on here and I've been reading them for months. I'm super excited about this and if anyone would like to share their experiences with either IEM's please do so in this thread. Thanks and good night.
  2. Ivabign
    You are in for a great time!!! They are just two iconic IEM's - both good for years of listening enjoyment (If you can get the TF10's to fit right - I used the flip mod)
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  3. Azsamael
    Get foam tips for your TF10s and they sound a lot better. At least for me they did. I love those IEMs. Haven't heard the IE8 though. The TF10s were my first foray into good IEMs. They got me addicted to good sound.
  4. energie
    TF10 was my pref IEM for years, so fun sounding...now i moved to IE80 cause i cant find any new TF10 to buy in Europe.
    so far im happy, i really like the basses on the senny, damn subwoofers :D
    You really better tape mod your IE8, ull discover a new world.
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  5. HEaDAchES
    Thanks for all the input, I really appreciate it guys!
    I've researched most of these mods already. I really want to enjoy these IEM's raw and natural to hear their true sound. i may try recabling but that's way down the road. Next is my amp. the Leckerton UHA-4.
  6. energie
    are you using em?
  7. HEaDAchES
    @energie dont have either yet.
  8. energie
    post your impression :)
  9. HEaDAchES
    I will def. post up my impressions of both phones once they arrive. I've been reading posts about burning in and hours of playing music and pink/white noise. I'm just excited to get them in my ears. I love watching Ferrari F40/F50 and other exotic car videos on YouTube. I'm feel like its Christmas in July for sure! LoL!
  10. Mooses9
    my vote is for the tf10 its a very good iem for almost any genre. good all arounder

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