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Mod: increasing the depth of the earpads, does it change the sound?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by tom22, Jan 2, 2013.
  1. Tom22
    i was wondering if adding cardboard or plastic tubing inside the earpads to increase the depth of the earpads changes the sound quality?? (this is usually done to full-size to prevent discomfort of when your ear touches the drivers)
    credits to lxxl e004.jpg
    personally i don't know what it is but i think it does, am i going crazy?
  2. jasonb
    Foam would be a better solution than cardboard or plastic tubing. I have done this to a few different headphones to improve comfort. I've never noticed a decrease in SQ, but I've always used foam.... 
  3. drtturnip
    I think the increased driver distance from the ear changes the sound more than the material used but both must have some effect. My observation is that the upper mid's and highs diminish with distance from the ear.
  4. proton007
    Maybe some change in sound stage? Not sure how much.
  5. Tom22
    i think your right, i don't know what it is but if as the distance from the drivers increase i heard somewhere that the bass suffers.... the reason i'm asking is because i added a piece of cardboard on my noontecs and noticed obviously the comfort decreased the but the sound changed too, mostly the highs to my ears, they don't sound a lively, and i noticed a slight degard in detail and clarity ( i think this would make sense since, those little nuances may not be as easily heard due to the increase in distance)
  6. Tom22
    i have never had any experience in open headphones, all my experience is with closed headphones and in ears like klipsh image s4 and monoprice 8320s so not the best to dissect sound stage

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