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Are there many fake klipsch image s4?

  1. invrlose
    The klipsch image s4 I bought at future shop came with a cloth case instead of a metal one... They literally hurt to wear too. I can only wear them for 20 minutes.
  2. dpure

    the cloth case is the second version of the s4. the ones newegg sell are the old ones with the metal tin.
    the ones you have are legit.
  3. Orkboy
    The cloth case is normal for some models but that doesn't mean they're not fake. There are a lot of fakes, as I've mentioned a lot of times on these forums I even got a fake pair from Amazon, sold by Amazon (I knew they were fake because I own an original pair I got from Klipsch). They were very quick to fix their mistake though.

    There older ones have an angled jack, the newer ones a straight one. Both versions can come in a tin case, the ones with the straight jack don't include an earwax cleaner. The newest ones come in a cloth case.
  4. invrlose
    Sounds like I have legit ones. So how come they kill my bloody ears?
  5. Orkboy
    Like I said just because they came in a cloth case and have a straight jack doesn't automatically mean they're not fake. There are a few comparison threads worth checking out. The best indicator is the build quality, the quality of the packaging and most of all the sound.
    What do you mean by they hurt your ears? As in, they're uncomfortable? For me they are the most comfortable IEMs I have tried, I barely feel them in my ears, but everybody's different. Try wearing them over the ear, in what the manual calls "sports fit". And I know it sounds obvious, but make sure you have the right headphone in the right ear. They seem angled backwards at first, the first time I saw the Right and Left indicators written on the earpieces I thought "surely that can't be right".
  6. dpure
    i doubt futureshop would be selling fakes. i am sure they are 110% real, exchange em for another pair, say the sound cuts in/out.
  7. invrlose

    They just don't fit in my ear canals well. They literally make my ears sore and give me a headache, I can't enjoy them for more than 20 mins
  8. Orkboy
    That's unfortunate. I guess try some different eartips.
  9. invrlose

    Ive tried all the eartips :/
  10. Orkboy
    Try Comply and the like
  11. Mooses9
    I agree you might find comfort with the comply or foam problem is they absorb. Mids and high and to sound muffled but you might find comfort with them.

    Personally I do dind the comply to be comfortable but the ill effect on the sound isnt acceptable to me
  12. invrlose
    Meh i kinda figured it out. if you put them upside down kinda like sports headphones they fit perfectly.
  13. Orkboy
    That's how they were designed to be used
  14. dpure
    just to confirm  i also got a pair of the s4's from futureshop, straight jack, cloth case, no cleaner. the fit is good though, even straight it in.

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