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Quick opinion needed on Monster Turbine High Performance In-Ear Speakers

  1. anirbanghosh
    I have some coupon from some website with which I am getting this for $35 approx. I am quite novice in headphones.
    1. Does it sound better than Klipsch S4?
    2. Please comment on sound quality - bass, treble, mids and also sounstage.
    Sorry if my questions did not make any sense.
  2. benk97
    1.yes in my opinion
    2.Bass- Has huge impact and decent texture/speed without bleeding in to mids
    Treble- One of the weaker points of the turbine, but thats not to say its bad just not great.
    Mids- They are present even with the booming bass. Slightly forward to my ears but no where near what Shures can put out.
    Soundstage- Don't expect a huge soundstage its a little above average.
    For $35 dollars they are a steal and I recommend you pick them up. These are probably one of my favorite pair of entry level iem's and the first decent pair I owned. If you love bass and don't want to sacrifice mids these are perfect. I am however comparing these to the more expensive iem's I've tried and own now including the Heir 4ai, UE900, and Westone 4, but when you compare them to any $35 dollar iem they will destroy the competition. 
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  3. kickin81
    I just picked up a set yesterday and I'm still burning them in with pink noise but so far I'm quite disappointed with the clarity of the mids and highs. The bass on the other hand is very strong and seems well contolled. Compared to my Monoprice 8320 IEMs though, they sound like they produce music through a paper tube (even with the same foam tips being used on the 8320s). I wonder how much these tubines will polish up after burn in...?
  4. kickin81
    I ended up returning the Turbines back to Amazon. It didn't compare to my Monoprice 8320s in terms of sound quality, clarity, and sound stage. There are better IEMs for the price.
  5. ZARIM
    Yes there are better sounding IEMs in it's Price range like Sony XB90EX uses big dome type dynamic driver and it's capture more details with tight deep punchy bass and spreadout soundstage, overall supperior sounding than Turbine but Turbine are amazing with Electronic music and it bass goes realy deep and reverb with good overall soundquality but soundstage is small.
  6. Seekky
    Try FX101
  7. anirbanghosh
    Are you sure that you could compare $169 headphone to a $10(Amazon says so) one? I am quite satisfied with Turbine it. Much better than my last Sennheiser 400CX in terms of clarity and bass. I am saying before even completing full burn-out. I have tested with Metal tracks, Instrumental, Pop tracks and many others.
  8. kickin81
    If you like your Turbines, then I suggest you stick with it. Maybe mine was assembled Monday morning or Friday afternoon at the factory. I really wanted to like it but it was my most expensive audio purchase so I had high expectations for it. Maybe if I waited until after I learned about EQ'ing IEMs, I may have found a way to unlock them to make them much better sounding.
  9. GonzaloM
    I had the turbine pro copper and sound really good I loved this earphones but I never feel totally comfortable with it. The problem in the beginning with these buds is the burn-in is important and needed to unleash the potential of these, keep in mind if you buy it, for 35$ is a very good price for it, my recommendation buy it and burn-in about 100 hours, the sound change and after that is far better than just out of the box.

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