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Bassiest IEM

  1. aetain
    Hello, im looking for a very bassy iem. I have the Audio technica pro700mk2 with a digizoid Z02 amp. It seems to focus more on sub-bass. I want the most midbass an IEM can have. Ive looked at monster turbine pro gold, Hippo VB, IE8 and FC Atiros. If you have any other suggestions for IEM's with the most middbass, pelase comment. I'm only looking for bass. Sound quality doesnt matter to me. Thanks.
  2. altaxc
    Monster turbines have a decent amount of bass.  However, I would reconsider your objectives when buying an expensive set of earphones. If you don't care as much about sound quality, you can buy a bassy set of  klipsch s4's or X10s for fairly cheap. 
    If you are like most of the 96kbps/low quality source listeners, then one of the two above will be sufficient.  However, if you are concerned with tight, punchy bass and well defined highs, and willing to upgrade your source material, then it might be a good investment to purchase on the scale you have defined above.
    But anyway, my recommendations, from lowest priced to highest:
    Klipsch s4
    Klipsch X10
    Monster Turbine Pro Gold
  3. whoever
    Well, i'm Not sure why soundquality isn't a concern... :) but you should try the Aurisonics asg 1.2 or 2.....

    Darkest sound I had with best bass I know.
  4. JVineaux
    RHA MA150 is bassy to the point of ridiculous. The sound quality isn't great because of it, but there is not a human on the planet who could listen to those and say they aren't bassy enough.
  5. aetain
    Do all of these have mid bas? thats what im looking for
  6. GearMe
    +1 to Altaxc's thought about return on your investment for 'basshead' iems.
    Gave the IE8 some thought a while ago and ended up getting the UE TF10 which has excellent bass but is not quite a basshead iem.
    I have a few basshead iems which I find are great for working out, drowning out city noise, etc.  However, they've all been very good deals and the sound quality is solid enough for my needs.  That said, I'd personally have a tough time pulling the trigger on a $200 to $300 basshead iem. 
    Below are the ones I have and can offer listening impressions on -- in order of preference (w/purchase price):
    1. AtrioX MG5  ($30.99 at amazon)...best value -- solid bass and listenable across genres
    2. Denon 560R for smartphone ($69.99 at BestBuy)...best overall sound of this group -- in my opinion
    3. Monster iSport Blue ($29.99 at TigerDirect)...great workout iem for the $$
    4. Soul SL99 (currently $39.99 at BestBuy stores)...just got these last night thinking I'd give them to my son...very solid bass, decent mids, sparkly (sometimes harsh) highs -- surprising sound; might actually keep them if the highs settle down a tad
    5. Image S4 ($34.99 at BestBuy)...worst sound of the bunch.  That said they have very strong bass!
    A couple other thoughts...
    The Ultimate Ears UE500's are currently $24.95 on Amazon through Electronica Direct.  Their Headroom Frequency Response graph shows them as bassier than the Klipsch S4's.  Haven't actually listened to them though; so can't offer any impressions. 
    The Vsonic GR02 Bass Edition is "An impressive performer with a focus on Mid-Bass punch, the GR02 Bass Edition provides unexpected bang for not very much buck" according to ljokerl on his Multi-IEM Review entry.  It goes for about $35 on Amazon.  Lastly the GR07 Bass Edition is $179...gotta believe this is nice iem.
  7. warrenpchi Administrator
    LOL!  [​IMG]
    I completely agree.  They put some of my basshead cans (like the XB300, XB500) to shame.  And yes, more mid-bass than is healthy... warm sticky mid-bass oozing into ones ear holes, for only $20 too!
  8. pjyi
    maybe JVC FX1X
    I thought their bass was pretty decent for their price (only $17.99)
    definitely check them out

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