1. NewWaveAudio


      Official NWA Viper Presets Sound You Can Feel Subscribe to our PushBullet channel to get notified when there is an update Presets were made using the headphones stated, so the affect may not be the same for some. If you mod an audio profile for a specific headset, please post it on...
  2. robdog80

    Beyerdynamic Clear Gel Pads

    Hello everybody.   I am relatively new to Head-Fi.   I have been searching on the internet for a while with outsuccess for some clear gel pads to suit beyerdynamics?   Would anyone have a suggestion of where to look or am I perhaps out of luck? Cheers   Rob
  3. KickDrum

    First pair of 'good' DJ headphones help?

    Hello Head-Fi, This is my first ever post, so go easy on me, I've come here looking for some advice from you audio pros! I recently started DJing. I got some direct drive turntables run off what can only be described as a cowboy set up - an old cd changer with some pretty big speakers. Anyway...
  4. Joshii

    Improving Soundstage?

    Hey guys, this year, i went all in and bought the Audio Technica PRO700mk2 Anniversary editions with a zo 2 and a fiio l2. I am playing out of a samsung galaxy s3 and am wearing m50 pads. I was wondering if there is any quick fix to drastically improve soundstage? I listened to a friends m50's...
  5. Phoenix Jackson

    I took the first step. Please help me finish.

    This should be called "Newbie's first impressions" but I need help more than need someone to read my impressions.   After so much research, I finally found at least two places to freely listen to display headphones (I'm in South Korea).  I didn't have my notes with me but I knew the models...
  6. JeffJeffery

    How do returns on headphones work?

    Might be random, but I want to order a pair of Audio-Technica ATH-PRO700MK2 from Walmart but I have a feeling they may be to tight for me, i wear glasses.  So how do returns work?  Can I order them online have them ship it to a store near me and then pick them up try them out and then if they...
  7. crazyxpro

    Help me choose!

    Need some help choosing between some cans:   Ultrasone HFI-580 Ultrasone HFI-780 Audio Technica ATH-M50S Audio Technica ATH-PRO700MK2   I used the headphone buying guide to get this list. Some extra info:   Budget: Something along the lines of the ones I mentioned Source...
  8. inseconds99

    Pro700mk2 vs Beats Solo 2 vs Something Else

    Looking for a headphone that excels with hip hop music and edm, I will be using the headphone at home and on the go. I am looking for: Comfort (very important) Deep tight bass Ability to use without an amp direct from iPhone Pro700mk2 look great but from everything I read they are ultra...
  9. Mcoollin

    Want to buy good looking and sounding for ~200 $

    For about 6 months, I have had Audio Technica ATH-PRO700 Mk2s. What I wanted was pretty much M50s with a removable cord. I ended up getting dj headphones that hurt my ears a lot, leave much to be desired in the looks department, but sound good. I am thinking of selling these on Craigslist for...
  10. xledruidx

    help buying new headphones

    hello everyone on this forum, i am currently in a struggle choosing headphones :/ My price range is 100-400. some suggestions i find nice lookings are  1.ATH-PRO700MK2 2.hfi 580premium 3.ath m50(is a complete no after googling) 4.xb1000   headsets ive tried.. please dont hate but i...
  11. DiscoBurger

    best UNAMPED portable cans for basshead: Ath-pro700mkII, Ultrasone hifi580, vmoda lp2, DT770 80ohm...or somthing else

    Whats happening,    like the title says I'm in the market for some cheap, durable, and portable overear headphones. I have some ultrasone pro900s at home but those need an amp and I hate the inconvenience of dragging one around with me. I need a pair of headphones that "go to 11" soundwise...
  12. xctfeuph

    Audio Technica Authorized Dealers

    Hi everyone,   I'm looking to purchase some Audio Technica PRO700mk2's. Is there an authorized reseller that I can buy from online? If not, are buying these from Amazon a bad idea? I know they are not an authorized reseller, but I've never had a problem with Amazon in the past. Thanks for...
  13. aetain

    Bassiest IEM

    Hello, im looking for a very bassy iem. I have the Audio technica pro700mk2 with a digizoid Z02 amp. It seems to focus more on sub-bass. I want the most midbass an IEM can have. Ive looked at monster turbine pro gold, Hippo VB, IE8 and FC Atiros. If you have any other suggestions for IEM's with...
  14. jenriquenunez

    looking for good look and good quality

    Hey everyone, i been looking for almost two weeks for some closed good looking portable headphones but that look stylish, my price range is 150-200 bucks is mainly for on tge go and listen dubstep r&b hip hop thanks for any advice
  15. xledruidx

    Help buying new headphones 200-dollar

    Hello I have been searching this forum for a long time... and still cant seem to choose what headphone to buy as there are so many..   My experience is beats by dre(all versions from store) And my current headphone siberia v2 gaming. I woud like some high end headphones that have good...
  16. shivi

    What is the best hip-hop oriented headphones?

    I want a good pair of headphones that will last me through college. I know the beats by dre are a good option but i feel as if they are overrated, over-priced and to "mainstream." (they also feel cheaply made). I think people wear them for the design rather than sound quality. When i visit...
  17. iPoopDaily

    Sony XB500. Worth it?

    As you may know the XB line was discountinued and replaced by a new XB line which is much cheaper,and much worse. So currently,on Amazon a set of these babies is about $250. Normally these were $100 new. The cheapest used pair is $110. I currently have the ATH-Pro700 MK2's and I'm looking for...
  18. MC LeBron 23

    Best Headphones for "immersive gaming"?

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a headphones that are good for immersion when playing single player games. I will be using the headphones with an Astro Mixamp. To give you an idea, I am coming from AD700s, which I use for competitive play and ATH M50s which I use for my "single player" games.  ...
  19. randomguy123456

    Looking for some headphones

    I recently bought the sp2500 speaker system from corsair, and when going from them to my headphones (Monoprice 8323), they feel lacking. So now I'm looking for a new pair. I will be using an iPod Video with line out and a pa2v2 portable amp, and sometimes a Hifiman Express DAC amped through my...
  20. Authority

    Looking for headphones with the BEST bass

    I recently sold my Astro A40s, which were specifically for gaming, for a new headset. It would be used for gaming but it is NOT the primary purpose. Mostly want it so i can listen to music (dubstep/trap) so good bass is reallllllllly wanted, which is the reason im getting a new headset. Used for...
  21. chromecarz00

    looking for the headphone with the most bass being driven by my cell phone

    Hi guys, I've had the ATH-PRO700MK2 and the Yamaha Pro 500, both being driven from computer, iPod or HTC M8, and while I like the sound of the MK2 and love the 500, I find myself wanting a little more bass. I know I could get an amp for cheaper than a new pair of cans, but for convenience I...
  22. nzsanchez

    Long time reader, first time poster

    Hey all, Have been rolling around on these forums for a while now and never posted, just read up on headphones (And occassionaly mics) but really looking at making my first decent purchase in the coming weeks. Basically I'm looking for sound (excuse the pun) advice on some good headphones...
  23. Boyz2men

    Experience to be shared with 104 full-size, portable headphones and in-ears I have been using. Any questions related to following headphones are welcomed

    As described I tried a list of full-size, portable headphones and in-ears and I want to share with you guys. I am a bit lazy so I don't want to be the guy who is about to write a thread for hundreds headphones comparison. This thread is more like a Q&A type rather than something heroic. You can...
  24. rzor93

    Audio Technica ATH-PRO700MK2 Gel Ear Seals mod

    To all who own the ATH-PRO700MK2 and are having problem with the uncomfortable stock ear pad i have a solution to the problem once and for all. For $25.00 you can get what i like to call the "Eargasm" of headphone pad comfort, yes $25 dollars may seem a bit pricy but for this you are getting...
  25. ineedmorebase

    Audio-Technica ATH-PRO700 MK2 VS. Beyer Dynamic DT 770 PRO-80: Sub 200 Bass king

    We've seen a lot of posts about how the dt 770/80's perform, but almost nothing about the MK2 and no one has ever compared them, the goal is to feel a real upgrade from the XB500's in soundstage, overall quality, while maintaining some TRUE basshead bass :)