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Feb 25, 2014
Official NWA Viper Presets
Sound You Can Feel

Presets were made using the headphones stated, so the affect may not be the same for some. If you mod an audio profile for a specific headset, please post it on here, so that others may enjoy it. As I purchase new headphones I will make a headset specific version.
Profiles: (When switching profiles be sure to turn Viper on and off or it will use the previous EQ)
NWA Xtreme 2.1 (WS55) (basshead approved) 6/18/15
NWA Xtreme 2.1 light (WS55) (basshead approved) 6/18/15
New! NWA The Sound of Life 1.1 (SOL Republic Mastertracks) (everyone approved) 9/29/15

NWA Inner Fidelity (SOL Republic Relays) (everyone approved) 7/14/15
NWA Release the Kraken (Razer Kraken Pro) (extreme basshead approved) 6/26/15
NWA Death by Bass 2.1 (WS55) (extreme basshead approved) 6/18/15

NWA Clarity (WS55) (Audiophile approved ) 6/17/15

Recommended IRS File I recommend using Dolby Digital Plus HD. If the profile comes with a different IRS, I recommend using it with the profile 

Recommendations: It is recommended to use a headphone amplifier, and high power headphones for full affect.
I would also recommended using the extreme beats mod. These presets were made using it​
****Coming Soon****
Nexus 6 Speaker/phone speaker Presets
Nyne Bass/Bluetooth speaker presets
This preset does have the ability to cause hearing damage/loss. I am not responsible for anything you do to your hearing
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NWA Xtreme 2.0- Enhanced acoustics and bass
NWA Death by Bass 2.0- Completely new EQ settings, switched IRS to QuakeBass
NWA Clarity- Initial Release
NWA Xtreme 2.0 light- Same as Xtreme, but with a clearer tonality
All 2.1 profiles- changed default IRS to Dolby Digital HD
NWA Release the Kraken- A profile that takes full advantage of the powerful drivers in the Razer Kraken
NWA The Sound of Life- Initial release- Designed to perfect the Sol Republic sound signature
NWA Inner Fidelity- Initial release- Designed to give IEMs a fuller and richer tonality. Makes them sound like larger drivers
NWA SOL 1.1- Decreased upper bass. Switched IRS to Dolby Digital HD. New IRS file included 
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Q. I'm using ES explorer and getting a bad zip error.
A. Make sure you are not using a 3rd party downloader to download the file. Download through the browser, or the file will be corrupt

Q. Where do I put the profile folder?
A. Extract the folder to <storage>/ViPER4Android/profile/

Q. Where do I put the IRS folder?
A. Extract the folder to <storage>/ViPER4Android/Kernel/

Q. Why am I not noticing much or any difference between the profiles?
A. Make sure to turn Viper on and off when switching profiles. If you still don't notice any difference, restart Viper

Q. What is IRS?
A. When an IRS is loaded, V4A will process the sound to show the same exact characteristics as the loaded sample. Through Convolution, samples with effects such as equalizer, surround, reverberation, tube etc can be simulated or in short, “copied”. More info can be found here

Q. Where can I find more IRS files?
A. Some of the most well known can be found here

Q. I have a suggestion for a new profile. Where do I send it?
A. You can post it in this thread. I'll see it

Q. I made a headset specific profile based off of one of these profiles. Where can I post it?
A. You can post it here, and I'll add it to a community profile section. You will be credited for your contribution

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