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    SOL REPUBLIC Calvin Harris Master Tracks
  2. PeterBandu


    Hello to all Forum members, new member and I'm just getting interested in headphones and how they may be able to help me enjoy music and radio again. I've been retired now for seven years and just coming to terms with the loss of some hearing frequencies. Shooting full bore pistols and rifles...
  3. gozaine

    Soul Vs Sol. What to Get?

    REPÚBLICA SOL Pistas Auriculares HD On-Ear (negro) $ 69 Amazon   VS   SOUL by Ludacris SL300WB 69 $       which i must go to buy?
  4. NewWaveAudio


      Official NWA Viper Presets Sound You Can Feel Subscribe to our PushBullet channel to get notified when there is an update Presets were made using the headphones stated, so the affect may not be the same for some. If you mod an audio profile for a specific headset, please post it on...
  5. PCunicorn

    Sol Republic Jax vs monster N-Ergy

    Forgive me, as I know I'm asking about some brands that you guys dislike. But I really want some decent looking earbuds and these are my options. So, I already picked up the N-Ergys. I'm not sure if I like them yet, but before I get really into them, I need to know so I can return them, if they...
  6. EpicPie

    Review: SOL Republic - Tracks

    Quick thanks to SOL Republic for this review sample.   [Click any of the images you see in this review for a higher resolution image] Packaging: Well organized and detailed information on the package, the box also has a clear plastic window to preview the product inside the package so you...
  7. crossjeremiah

    We're known to review every headphone in existance.

    Is anyone crazy enough to review these .  ...
  8. skibumb

    Michael Phelps 2012 Olympics 4x100 Freestyle Relay headphones

    Anyone know what kind of headphones Michael Phelps was wearing just prior to the 2012 London Olympics 4x100 meter freestyle relay?  If those sound as good as they look, then they are some bad ass phones!!!   Any help in locating a brand and model number is greatly appreciated.   Regards