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Review: SOL Republic - Tracks

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by epicpie, Nov 9, 2011.
  1. EpicPie
    Quick thanks to SOL Republic for this review sample.​
    [Click any of the images you see in this review for a higher resolution image]​
    Well organized and detailed information on the package, the box also has a clear plastic window to preview the product inside the package so you know what you're buying.
    DSC00543.jpg DSC00544.jpg DSC00545.jpg DSC00546.jpg
    With the headphones you'll receive two informational papers, stickers, user manual, a small paper listing their website, Twitter, Facebook, and contact number, and last but not least; the headphones themselves.
    If you want to read what's written on the papers, here's links to the pictures I took of them.
    Build Quality:
    The headphones feature a very simple design that makes the headphones fairly modular as the speakers come off the headband, the earpads clip onto the speaker piece(similar to some of Sennheiser products), and the cable is detachable as well. The cable uses two 1/8" plugs to plug into the right and left speaker of the headphone and a standard 3.5mm jack to plug into your DAP. The earpads and headphone pad is made out of pleather.
    The headband is made from what SOL Republic calls "FlexTech" which is what makes the headband virtually indestructible(I have already bent the headband ridiculously to test this, the headband didn't even break or show any signs of stress and maintained it's shape.)
    Worth noting that the build in microphone and volume control only works with certain devices that aren't i-Products. The compatibility list can be found on the SOL republic website here: http://www.solrepublic.com/culture/news/headphone-compatibility
    Sound Quality;
    These headphones have a very accurate and boomy bass, sub-bass shines, you'll feel the vibrations on your ears from any bass heavy song or genre such as Dubstep. The bass doesn't get muddy or distorted at higher volumes.
    The standard Tracks are bass oriented which is their strong point in the sound signature of the v8 sound engine that these cans have.
    The midrange is fairly flat and sounds congested, not a whole lot of dynamics with the bass bleeding into the lower midrange.
    The highs sound rolled off and shallow. The highs are present, just not airy.
    Soundstage is some what there, the sound imaging is close to non-existent. Not a whole lot of instrumental separation. Music just sounds like it's being pushing into your head, when you hear music through these headphones it doesn't sound very lively.
    SOL Republic did a great job with designing the Tracks headphones, they're incredibly comfortable to wear over a long period of time due to the softness the earpads and headphone pad have.
    The sound quality will appeal more to the DJ crowd as most of all DJ headphones these days seem to be very bass oriented. With the unique aesthetics of these headphones it seems to appeal more to a young adult crowd who want something stylish and decent sounding.
    At the price of MSRP of $99.99 there are many other significantly better headphones you could pick out that would sound incredibly better compared to the Tracks headphones though I would recommend these to a bass head.
    I believe the v10 sound engine in the Tracks HD solve the problems of the flat Mids and Highs the standard Tracks have, so the Tracks HD should be worth trying out if a retail store near you has them on their demo display. These headphones honestly don't sound as bad as the Beat's Solo's and Studio's so don't be turned away to try them.

    Edit: The HD's sound exactly the same, the HD's were easier to drive when I was comparing them side by side. Build quality is better on the HD's, only major difference.
    For those of you who want to buy these, for $99.99 you can buy these at an Apple Store, Best Buy, or The Internet.
    Notes: SOL = Soundtrack of Life
  2. Parall3l
    FINALLY ! I've been looking for a review on them that isn't done by a guy who only used ibuds for his whole life. [​IMG] So what do you think of the headphones value wise ? How are they compared to your DJ1 ?
  3. EpicPie


    My DJ1's are significantly better in every spectrum of sound, i'll get around to posting a review on them sooner or later.
    I emailed the marketing manager I was talking to about obtaining a pair of Tracks HD to do a comparison with against the standard Tracks. Hopefully i'll be able to get a pair to review as well. I would love to hear the sound difference between the two.
    I had the Tracks plugged into my receiver that I have plugged into my soundcard, my soundcard gives out a fairly flat response. The Tracks sound a little more decent when they're plugged into my Hifiman HM-101 DAC though.
    Value wise, for the $100 dollar price tag, I look for something else unless all you care about is bass. haha
  4. EpicPie
  5. acenima
    Nice review :)
  6. EpicPie


    Thanks. :D
  7. EpicPie
    Bump? :p
  8. EpicPie
    Bump? lol
  9. nonsupremous
    I wonder if anyone knows how these compare to the Tracks HD?  I wonder if those are more tuned towards highs and mids? 
  10. EpicPie


    I'll be receiving a Tracks HD sample in coming weeks.
    I'll do a comparison between the two.
  11. dh12345678
    I reviewed these a while back. They sound pretty decent.
  12. EpicPie
    I'll be receiving the HD versions this upcoming week. Will have a comparison/review posted shortly after I receive them. :)
  13. Kosmik Panda
    Lol this is dead but, I was thinkin of getting these ( mainly for looks, because im going into high school and my HD439 get my ear really hot so i dont want to wear them to school. So should i get the tracks, or tracks hd? Thanks!
  14. EpicPie

    I know popular fads, fashion, and celebrity endorsed headphones are a big part of trying to fit in or be cool in high school but you're better off spending ~$100 dollars on a better sounding pair of headphones.
    Send me a PM with the genre's of music you listen to and i'll make some suggestions to you.
  15. charliex
    Here we go again - first Bose, then Skullcandy and Beats.
    Me thinks there needs to be another forum set up for NON-Audiophile Headphones titled 'Fashion Statement Phones' or 'Bling for the Masses'.
    Gotta love their newest celebrity ad featuring Michael Phelps.  Apparently he wore a completely different different pair of Sol Republic Headphones to each and every Olympics pre-trial and formal event while listening to the same 3 tracks each and every time - now for auction with minimums to be over $1000.00 for these sub $100 headphones.  Only redeeming point is that it's all for a good charitable cause.

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