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New Head-Fier
Feb 2, 2015
Hello to all Forum members, new member and I'm just getting interested in headphones and how they may be able to help me enjoy music and radio again.

I've been retired now for seven years and just coming to terms with the loss of some hearing frequencies. Shooting full bore pistols and rifles was my main sport and I always used ear protection, no so when I was working on 2,000+ hp diesel engines. We recently bought a new Samsung smart TV and the speakers were very hard for me to listen too, so I invested in a sound bar which is better as long as the volume is turned right up. The neighbors didn't like this and we live in a detached house, someone suggested that I try Wi-Fi headphones so I ordered a set of Sennhiser 120 II and they sound really clear to me, everyone else can listen to TV at the normal levels now.

I also have a Fiio X1 mp3 player and the in ear earphones' recommended by the shop I purchased the Fiio from, made by Sol Republic are ok, certainly better than the ones supplied with both our iPod's but I would like some on ear or over ear headphones that sound the same as the Sennhiser 120. I have tried a few different headphones from our local shop but they are not from any recognized headphone maker and all claim to enhance bass which I do not need. I have read numerous reviews for bose, grado and Sennhiser but still no wiser as what to look for to find something that sounds the same as the Sennhiser 120 II.

Could any member or members assist with recommendations or advice as I'm not sure what to do now, I live in North Thailand and the shops that stock this kind of equipment are very few and far between, so it's eBay or mail-order for most of my purchases I'm afraid.

Thanks in advance for any help or advice.

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Welcome to the HF hearing loss club! For me, it was shooting without hearing protection when I was younger, plus many rock concerts in the 1970s, 80s and 90s.

If the local shop sold you Sol in-ears, then you are better off buying online. :)

For in-ears, you might try the Etymotic hf-5. For over-ear headphones, I think you will want closed headphones if you are using them when you are away from home. How about the Sennheiser closed back headphones, like the HD449 or the HD280 Pro? Do they have those at the local shop? There are also the Sony MDR-V6, Creative Aurvana Live, Audio-Technica ATH-M40X or the Shure SRH440 or SRH880. You might also be able to find the Takstar Pro 80 in your country. Is there a Jaben store anywhere near you?
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Thanks for the quick reply and I guess I'm not the only one with HF hearing loss then, just feels like it sometimes though. I never really made any rock concerts, to busy working but I guess they don't help
I have just had another look around town and all I could find were two sets of Panasonic headphones that were recommended for BASS so no good for me. I'll have to order online, I did that with the Fiio after speaking to the shop salesman who said the Sol Republic's would be just what I need so I won't be shopping there anymore. I did manage to hook the Fiio up to the Wi-Fi system and play through the Sennheisers and the sound quality was good for me, the HD449 & HD280 Pro seem worth a look, thanks for the recommendations. No Jaben stores near to hear most seem to order online, get visitors to bring or buy off the various Forums online here, not a lot of anything other than small motorcycle shops or furniture shops at the moment, oh and the odd bar.
Goodnight from the mountains of Chiang Rai,
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Just an update and a thank you.
I received my Etymotics hf-5 earphones this morning, they sounded a bit strange at first then I realized I was hearing music as it sould sound, thanks for the recommendation.
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Just to let you know after a lot of searching and emailing I finally bought the  HD349 headphones and they are good for me anyway. I tried various websites & shops who said on their websites they had the HD449 earphones, but it was always "we are out of stock or just do not have" so I finally settled for the HD349, not quite the same specs but good.
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