1. Geralt

    Mackie MC-150 VS Audio-Technica M40X

    Is MC-150 better than AT-M40X? Does anyone have any experience with these HPs? I mostly want to know about their build quality performance rather than SQ. Which one will be better as a daily driver? It would be nice if you have any suggestion about upgrade models i mean AT M50X vs Mackie MC-250...
  2. RenZixx

    Best headphones under 150$? (Not review)

    I got a budget of 150$ to get a pair of over ear closed back headphones since am bored of my HD-25 and need something new. Choices are brainwavz hm5, sennheiser HD 598 cs, m40x,etc. Mostly I would choose neutral more than coloured. If y'all have some mods please do share since I love moding...
  3. hj576

    Recommendation between ATH-M40x or ATH-M30x or others (Under 100$)

    TL;DR : I am looking to replace my Superlux HD 662 EVO. I cant decide weather to choose ATH M30x or the 40x is worth the extra cash or maybe even just get ATH M20x as i am no audiophile Well I am sure we have dozens of these posts here, but... I am looking for replacement for my Superlux HD...
  4. The7thCirren

    V-Moda M100 or Audio Technica ATH-M40X?

    Hiya! I'm new to this site so if I make a mistake forgive me . So I'm a little torn apart here between M40x and the V-Moda M100.I'll be using these for mixing and for on the go portable listening.I currently own a pair of Beats Mixr (Don't judge they sound decent) which I got for $95 off, but...
  5. PeterBandu


    Hello to all Forum members, new member and I'm just getting interested in headphones and how they may be able to help me enjoy music and radio again. I've been retired now for seven years and just coming to terms with the loss of some hearing frequencies. Shooting full bore pistols and rifles...
  6. deltawars

    Please help me chose a headset/headphones!

    I have a Asus H87M-Plus motherboard, it has a on board Realtek ALC887 chipset and 8 Channels audio jacks.   I want to get a headset/headphones for gaming, the main feature i want is to be able to hear the exact direction where gunshots come from and if a player is walking i want to hear the...
  7. jsanfilippo5

    Alternative to the mdr 7506

    I Currently have the Sony MDR-7506 they sound great, but they are a little too bright for me - I like everything else about them, but the highs can get a little piercing and annoying if wearing them for a while.   Can anyone recommend a similar spec'd headphone with a more tamed treble?     ...
  8. KlarkKentThe3rd

    Models like Sony MDR V6 (sound and price wise)

    Seeing how I spent what I had on what I own now, the only thing left is to dream and speculate.   Exploring this really nice site ( I found that MDR V6 is among the best 100 dollar closed cans that reproduce all frequencies pretty much perfectly...
  9. GustavMahler

    Open headphones for classical music

    Hi everyone, I currently have the ATH-M40X and they're great, But they really lack space and air. I will use them outdoors because the great isolation, And i thought about maybe buyng cans for home use. What would you recommend? I will get the DX90 soon btw
  10. GustavMahler

    Making studio headphones more airy

    Is there a way to make my ATH-M40X more airy with wider soundstage?
  11. GustavMahler

    How to get the most natural, Brilliant and true to life sound from my ATH-M40X?

    They sound great, But it wouldnt harm to get a little more. I find when using EQ i raise up the high frequencies- But i don't like EQ, It almost always distorts something. I guess what i want is a more brilliant sound (I reaise the highs in the EQ) Natural and forward-That it won't sound...
  12. GustavMahler

    Upgrade headband for ATH-M40X?

    It hurts on the head sometimes. Please suggest something that i could listen for hours with
  13. Rextcon

    Can i use a 2.5mm male to 3.5mm female adapter for a pair of ath m40xs

    Basically i really want a boom mike for my ath m40xs and i did some forum trawling that said the cable was proprietary. Yet others disagree and say the cable is a 2.5mm male cable. Could i plug in a 2.5mm male to 3.5mm female adapter so that i can hook up a vmoda boompro to it?
  14. Rextcon

    Ath m40x proprietary to 2.5mm mod help

    Could someone from singapore help me get rid of the locking nub please? Im afraid i might break it
  15. BenRand

    Headphone Suggestions for producing

    Hi, I'm new to producing, and I am looking to purchase my first over-ear headphones to use in this process.  I will attempt to give you guys a clear picture of what music I am looking to arrange, as well as my budget and restrictions to help narrow the search. Thanks in advance for any help or...
  16. GustavMahler

    ATH M40X vs M50X for classical music

    I listened to the m40X and liked their natural sound. I dont have a way to listen to the M50X. Will it be better with better clarity, more details and generally better for classical music?
  17. markali88

    Ath m40x vs ath m50x comparison ,,strengths and weakness of each, pros and cons?

    Hi guys.. I wanna upgrade from a Sony v6 studio monitor headphones. The sonys serve me well for playing software pianos using my digital piano + computer , but the sibilance issues and exaggerated heights are getting to me. Currently trying to "burn them in" hoping that it would tame them...
  18. Hydralisk86

    Was recommended the Takstar 80 (if i got the name right), looking for more recommendations.

    Someone recommended me the Takstar Pro80 Headphones for headphones around $100. I looked them up on, and i found 3 versions of the Takstar Pro80 being sold there. Are they good?  Which Takstar Pro80 is the best?  How do they hold up against the Audio Technica m40x?
  19. cakedude501

    Need help finding a 100 - 150 USD Headphone / Headset

         i have been looking to get a new headphone or headset to use for FPS/MMORPG gaming and listening to music on occasion.  I know that if I went for a pair of headphones, which i have seen multiple times be the preferred option, that I would need a  modmic.  I am looking for headphones that...
  20. MrXiro

    Trade in Sony MDR-XB700 for $103 to Amazon and buy ATH-m50x or ATH-m40x? Advice please.

    I don't use my XB700s very much anymore and noticed that Amazon has a pretty amazing trade in deal for them. They're offering $103 right now, (it was $106 like 2 hours earlier too. :( ) and I'm thinking I might trade them in. I think I bought them for 86 bucks back in 2010 when I worked at Sony...
  21. Audio-Technica ATH-M40x

    Audio-Technica ATH-M40x

    Pure. Professional. Performance.Online reviewers, top audio professionals and cult followers have long agreed that the ATH-M50 is an unmatched combination of audio and build quality, whether in the studio or on the go. That award-winning formula is embodied in the newly remastered M-Series line...