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Open headphones for classical music

  1. GustavMahler
    Hi everyone,
    I currently have the ATH-M40X and they're great, But they really lack space and air. I will use them outdoors because the great isolation, And i thought about maybe buyng cans for home use. What would you recommend? I will get the DX90 soon btw
  2. rck1984
    Sennheiser HD-600 and call it a day.
  3. Ultimate Audio
    philips fidelio x1,x2 , the best open cans on the market today under 500$ mark
  4. MrPanda

    I spent a weekend listening to classical with X2, definitely a fine choice. 
  5. GustavMahler
    My balanced ps1000 are on the way :)
  6. MrPanda

    Any review of the ps1000 for classical?

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