1. TehSquash

    First time buying headphones

    Hi guys, this is my first time posting anything on head fi, so bear with me haha. I've been searching for a good pair of headphones for a couple of months now, and I am absolutely confused as to what to get. I've decided on closed back circumaural headphones below like 150 bucks, but that's...
  2. Quaresma

    Which Sennheiser HD 4x9 series is right for me?

    Hi.   I'm currently using a Sennheiser HD 205-II.    I want to upgrade to a 400 series.   I was thinking about the 439, because it's a tad bassier than the 449. 449 should have better clarity, but I also want the headphone to be "fun", so I think the "neutral sound" of the 449 may be...
  3. propeng

    First audiophile headphone recommendations

    Hello, I have only recently found out about Head-Fi and the wonderful world of audiophilia, and I was wondering if there's anything I can do to improve my listening experience without having to spend too much. I am currently using a pair of Roccat Kave 5.1 headphones that are probably mediocre...
  4. sonex

    headphone advice

    need advice on closed headphones I have not bought any in 15 years and need to get good choices for under 120 bones. I have old sony v6's that are ok but don't have much bass extension and are boring (not very musical). I also own grado sr60's I like these alot but need closed headphones so I...
  5. PeterBandu


    Hello to all Forum members, new member and I'm just getting interested in headphones and how they may be able to help me enjoy music and radio again. I've been retired now for seven years and just coming to terms with the loss of some hearing frequencies. Shooting full bore pistols and rifles...
  6. Neijii


    I'm not sure if this is like desktop computers vs laptops, where in desktops you'll get more of a computer for the money. Does the same apply for on ear headphones vs IEMs?   I love my IEM, I spent about 150 them. Was wondering if a $150 full size would have better quality?
  7. Alexinder

    What should i buy as an upgrade for HD 25-1 II?? Plz suggest!!

    I had hd 25 1-II for two years and its sound quality is superb. Since when i change the wire from hd 25-sp, the left and right connectors starts to be a problem. I need to jigger whenever i use it. So i changed to original wire but same result. hd 25 is a legend but after more or less 20...
  8. noobftw1989

    Help with Tv headphones

    hi all, Im new to the forum so i hope my post is by the rules :) i tried searching the forum for an answer but there is none catered to my question and i need some help before purchasing. Im wanting some Tv headphones and i am looking at the Sennheiser Hd 429/439/449, just wanted to know which...
  9. margam

    Can i upgrade to 50 ohms/112 db headphone?

    Hi guys , my 2 year old  32 ohm/106 db philips closed headphone is dying ,now am looking for open headphones. but im confused whether i need a dac because my source is a dell laptop (15r turbo) using conexant  audio codec.   When i asked dell support about on board sound card they replied...
  10. HyperTooth

    Could someone please help a new audiophile learn a little about Impedance, Ohms, and Hertz?

       Can someone please explain to me how Ohms and Hertz affect the quality of a headphone? I've recently got into the hi-fi world, I am a completely confused as how this all works. I recently bought a pair of Harmon/Kardon CL's and a Creative Sound Blaster ZX sound card. With it comes a built in...
  11. mendo52

    best headphone for 90$

    hi, I have Panasonic HTF600 and I am looking for upgrade. I will use it for my PC only, so no amp is required.   I am using the headphones for music (trance, pop, rock) and I love bass.   these are the headphones that I think they are the best for the price range ( not more than 90$ from...
  12. HuntingBass1998

    Sennheiser HD380 Pro's or HD 449's?

    Hey guys whats up?   So i recently broke my HD201's and my god was i sad! The best $30 i have ever spent, to just break like that - it almost made me cry. Oh my god, they were the ants pants. They sounded all so, so good. They had deep up-tight bass (especially with an amp), decent mids and...
  13. anna4712

    Best headphones for a beginner home recorder?

    Hi everyone. I've joined to ask for help on getting a new pair of headphones. They will be my first "worthy" pair of headphones that have cost me more than $10. I've just started recording some music at home, mostly acoustic/folk/alt/vocals and I need a good pair of headphones for playback that...
  14. WurzelCat

    Sennheiser & NAD impressions, searching for bass

    Hi, headfiers.   All we know that it's quite hard to compare headphones. Different music, different tastes. So here goes my short story of headphones and question afterwards.   I started with Sennheiser EH250. Really liked it. Lightweight, easy to wear, a very strong bass. Then I switched to...
  15. MeZoX

    mp3 player + headphone for traveling

    i have an ipod touch 5th gen and a bose AE2 , i haven't used them in  a while since i bought my studio monitors    Yesterday i had a 24hr shift i decided to play something to pass the time , for some reason i couldn't stand the headphones , it sounded very harsh and it kinda gave me a headache...
  16. barksdale

    How to properly clean headphones?

    Hi all.  I haven't been to this forum in months.   I recently bought a pair of Sennheiser HD 449 which I got for $78 after tax!  I thought it was a good price so I went for it.   Now to the question...   I have long hair and when I was just trying on my new headphones the earmuffs got kind...
  17. L

    For sale [Melbourne] V Moda M100 white, Sennheiser HD 449, Audio Technica AD700

    V Moda M100 SOLD Sennheiser HD 449 SOLD Ad700 sold
  18. Aldem

    Trying to get a flat response from the EQ in foobar2000, with my Sennheiser HD 449

    Here's what I did. - Created a 30 seconds pink noise in Audacity - Converted it to stereo - Played it in foobar2000 with the EQ as the only DSP, except the next one - Used a Spectrum analyzer VST - The DSP Window looks like this - Equalizer - Spectrum Analyzer VST - Played...
  19. madballerz

    Suggestion pleasee..Takstar pro 80 or Sennheiser HD 449 or any suggestion?

    Hii guys I'm completely noob in this. Well, recently I just gained my interest for good quality audio then I decided to buy my first headphone,it's AKG 518 LE and I'm completely not happy with it. It's not very comfortable for long use and my main concern is the well balanced and detail...
  20. willprice

    Upgrade from HD449 (something more comfortable, with a touch more bass)

    Hi,   I'm currently using the HD449, I quite like the sound, however I find it a little lacking in bass. My main issue with the 'phones is that they clamp down on my head too hard and give me a headache quite quickly, my ears poke out a bit more than most! I will spend up to £200 (not that...
  21. ProbablyProdigy

    Looking for New Over-Ears

    I've been recently researching new over the ear headphones because my Sennheiser HD449's just don't do it for me. I'm mainly looking for comfort and great sound quality here, but cannot exceed 150 dollars. I am also looking for a Bluetooth feature if possible. These will be used on the go...
  22. diadara

    buying advice Sony ZX-700 , ATH AD700 ,seinheiser HD449,HD518

    I need some buying advice for getting a pair of cans near $100 price range 95% for music.I mostly listen to classic rock,blues guitar,phsychedelic rock,female vocals  mostly things without a lot of bass with occasional pop  song.I have limited option as most cans are overpriced here.I don't want...
  23. InternetSandman

    suggestions for IEM's for public transit commuting

    I'm currently using a pair of Sennheiser HD 449's when I'm on my commute to and from work on the bus, and in a few months I'll be going back to school which will necessitate a 2 hour long transit commute, and I'm looking at various IEM's and pondering the benefits of the noise isolation, but I...
  24. zhoufng

    Where to trade-in headphones in Singapore [WTS: Sennheiser HD449 BNIB]

    Hello, I currently have a Sennheiser HD449 which I don't plan on using (cuz imma basshead), and I wanna trade-in for something else (probably the 439s). I've already tried combing through Funan, no luck, so anyone got any ideas where can I do so? Sim Lim? O.o   I also don't mind selling it...
  25. AlexanderPM

    AD700 vs. HD 449

    Alright, so I'm taking the plunge into high quality sound. I have been using some old Logitech headphones with mic for a long time and they just died. I am looking into getting a nice pair of headphones and a sound card. I plan on spending at the most $120 for the headphones and sound card. so...