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Oct 16, 2010
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  • About

    Headphone Inventory:
    HD-650/DT880-600/Q701, PX-200II, HD-449, HD-201, MX580, MS2i, MS1i, SRH-840, MT, RE0, Sony MDR-E888LP, Sony MDR-EX-300LP, O'Neill Specked, Philips SHE3590. Owned: TF10, 681F
    Source Inventory:
    Teclast-T51,Sony NWZ-S545, SanDisk Sansa Clip
    Other Audio Equipment:
    ALCHEMISH FOSERTI ADP15A MkII Class A Integtated Amp, Arcam Alpha 5 Plus CD Player, Monitor Audio Studio 2 Mk II, AudioQuest Quartz InterConnect, AudioQuest Midnight III Bi-Cable Speaker Cable, Pro-Arc Speaker Stands, Unicorn Feet, MiniRA1


    PH: HD650/DT880-600/Q701, MS2i, SRH840, HD449, MS1i, KSC75, HD201, DJ100, PX200II, RE0, E888, MX580, MT, EX300SL. DP: T51, S545, Clip. HF: ALCHEMIST FOSERTI ADP15A MkII Class A, Arcam Alpha 5+ CD, Monitor Audio Studio 2 MkII, AudioQuest Quartz, AudioQuest Midnight III, Unicorn Feet.
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