AD700 vs. HD 449
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Apr 14, 2013
Alright, so I'm taking the plunge into high quality sound. I have been using some old Logitech headphones with mic for a long time and they just died. I am looking into getting a nice pair of headphones and a sound card. I plan on spending at the most $120 for the headphones and sound card. so around $90-$100 for just the headphones. (I plan on getting a DG). I have narrowed it down to the Hd449s or the AD700s. I will be mostly gaming in my office, and also listening to a lot of hip hop/alternative in public.
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I dont know what scratchy bass means.
AD700 has more bass than people give it credit for, usually it's labeled as probably the most bass-light headphone that's popular on head-fi.  I'd personally love it for general usage, but if the majority of my listening consisted of hip-hop and alternative, then I'd be inclined to get the Creative Aurvana Live.
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Alright. By scratchy, I ment with my headphones, if I play something way too bassy, it sounds sort of scratchy. ALso, how would they compare the the ATH M50s? Amazon has a nice sale on headphones.
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M50 is something I wouldn't use to kickback with music and games for long sessions at an office, it's much too uncomfortable for me personally and builds up sweat fast.
Scratchy during bassy parts of a song or bassy songs in general sounds like something is clipping, it might not be the headphone's fault.  Either you used an EQ wrong or whatever the source was for the headphones was very bad.

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