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    AD700 X-Tra Bass Mod!
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    AD700 X-tra Bass Mod!
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  6. csm725

    What do we know about Audio Technica ATH-TAD300? I'm being offered that set + $25 for my AD700s. The AD700s are WAY too big for my below average head. How are these headphones? I didn't find anything about them on the Web, so hopefully someone here knows something. Cheers.
  7. Cirofost

    Best headphones for Electro-Ambiance and Electro-Drone? - I.e. Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin, 36, EUS.

    Hey all! This is my first post on this wonderful website, so be nice.    Okay, so lately I have been searching for the headphones that are perfect for my needs, and I think I have certainly found the model line. The main genre of music I listen to is ambient, IDM, drone, and sometimes...
  8. fuerchter

    (Gaming) Getting new headphones/equipment: Worth it for me?

    (this is a repost of a thread i made in the video games section. as this forum seems to be way more active I thought of posting it here instead now, I hope I'm not violating the forum rules ^^)   Hi there, I've had a Sennheiser PC166 for quite some time now and typically used it with its...
  9. r1sh

    Headphones for trance music and gamin' for less 200$

    Good day!   I've got right now Audio-Technica ATH-AD700 i totally love it, they are so light that i even sometimes forget about them.   I want to make a little upgrade of them for more quality headphones but not more then 200$   Needs are the same: gamin' Call of Duty MW3 on Creative...
  10. himynamesnoah

    Headphones for $100 or less

    I haven't really owned expensive headphones (Anything over $30, and only in-ear) and I'm looking to purchase some soon. My budget is $100, or less. (I have a $10 gift card to Amazon as well) I'm just looking for all around headphones, i'll be using them almost exclusively at home, so they don't...
  11. xnor

    Headphones sensitivity, impedance, required V/I/P, amplifier gain

    The following table is based on measurements, not manufacturer specs.   Target SPL is 110 dB SPL. The source is assumed to output 2 V. The amp is assumed to be a voltage source (0 ohm output impedance). Voltage, current, power are RMS figures.   What do the columns mean? S@1V is the...
  12. tml09

    Closed Headphone blues

    Hey everyone.    After listening to my crappy 2.0 Logitech speakers for so long, I've decided that it's time to buy a new pair of headphones. Over the years, I've owned a few decent headphones, which I use about 70/30 for gaming and music respectively. These were the HD598, HD555, and the...
  13. mkeating

    Phones for $100-150 for Choral, Classical, Opera, etc.

    I'm planning on buying my girlfriend a nice pair of headphones for the holiday. I'm looking for great clarity that will really shine with choral music especially. Also, she listens to classical, opera, and some rock. So I believe that I am looking for headphones with great midrange response. I'd...
  14. 343 Grenadier

    Decent all-around headphones for under 250 USD.

    Good day, Head-Fi. I'm a newcomer to the world of high-quality audio. My first question and post here on Head-Fi's forums concerns a computer I recently constructed for someone else that I plan to turn into an HTPC some time in the next few months. It is limited to PCIe x1 sound cards and will...
  15. Zowzout123

    Considering the Beyer DT770, but I have some questions.

    First off, i'm coming from the AD700's which I like quite a bit.  They are comfortable and they sound great.  Of course my complaint is with the bass.  Its not that I find it terrible, I just would prefer more.  And im not looking for something to rattle my brain, but just more bass than the...
  16. Keanulaszlo

    Need help finding a new pair of headphones ( <$150)

    Recently my great pair of Razer Orcas died on me after 2 and a half years of service, and I'm looking for something to replace it's void. I mostly play games (sort of competitively), and watch movies on my computer. I don't have a sound card, I just use the built in one on my X79-UP4...
  17. Kipland

    How much should I spend on headphones if I have no amp or dedicated soundcard?

    Hi everyone, if it isn't obvious I'm kind of new here and I'm looking for gaming headphones. However, unlike most people here, I don't have any sort of amp or dedicated sound card. I've been looking into getting some HD 518s but I was wondering if spending that much would even be worth it if I...
  18. Shazb0t

    Q701 with E9 Question

    I currently play competitive fps games and use a Titanium HD with AD700's. I was curious to pick up a pair of Q701's as I've heard they are also very good directional, imaging, sound stage headphones. Would using the Titanium HD dac and getting a E9 for the amp power the Q701 effectively? Would...
  19. TheBlahMasta

    Just can't decide on headphones/cards; suggestions appreciated.

    Okay, so far I have come across the idea that I'm pretty much screwed since I do not live anywhere near an audio store (with the nearest Best Buy being 2.5 hours away), so I have to rely on reviews, forums, and suggestions to decide which headphone/set and sound card would be best for me. Let me...
  20. captainsolo

    Advice on first decent headphone

    Hi all!   After many years of cheap headphones, tinkering, minute upgrades, radio work and joining audiophile boards I have decided to start upgrading all of my meager system one by one on a budget. I wanted to start with headphones because that is probably the one area where I've never had...
  21. Jackula

    Headphone vs Speakers

    Greetings, after all the crawling through threads here for the past couple of weeks, I'm ready to ask my first question. First of all, I don't consider myself an audiophile, but just someone who understands some technical stuff and am looking for the ultimate sound setup.    In the past I've...
  22. Hydrajk

    Razer headphones...

    Okay I'm going to buy a new pair of headphones and some guys from the forum suggested to go for the Audio Technica ad700 BUT I can't find them in my country ( I live in Bulgaria ) and If i order them from ebay or somewhere else, they're gonna cost alot so I'm not going for them. Now I have some...
  23. shanek248

    !!!Noob looking for expert ideas/advice!!!

    Hey   Ive posted this elsewhere already but feel it may have been the wrong area since I got no answers at all! Not even answers telling me what a stupid question it is and how its been asked 75,000 times before. Which you expect at least a few of!   I have been thinking of getting a set...
  24. Brinston

    ATH AD700 or Alessandro MS1

    I own a koss portapro and audio technica ws 55.  I love the sound of the koss. And hate the sound of the ath ws 55. The ath just gives me a headache in a minute. I had shortlisted ath ad700 and alessandro ms1 for my new headphones. I am going to use them with cowon iaudio 10.  I am...
  25. manuvajpai

    [REVIEW] Sony MDR-ZX700 vs. Audio Technica ATH-AD700

    _______________REVIEW: SONY MDR-ZX700___________________   Hello everyone,   The new Sony MDR-ZX700s are Sony's new entry into the $100 segment. They were released in the beginning of 2011 during CES and have gathered some minor head-fi love in the period. Sony claims that they are very...