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Razer headphones...

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by hydrajk, Jan 12, 2013.
  1. Hydrajk
    Okay I'm going to buy a new pair of headphones and some guys from the forum suggested to go for the Audio Technica ad700 BUT I can't find them in my country ( I live in Bulgaria ) and If i order them from ebay or somewhere else, they're gonna cost alot so I'm not going for them. Now I have some other choices:
    Oh.. and just for the record.. its hella expensive here
    Razer Orca - 81$
    Razer Kraken Pro - 108$
    Razer Charcharias 2013 edition - 94$
    Steelseries Siberia v2 on a discount for 87$ from 115$
    I'll use the headphones/headsets mainly for gaming and music. I saw a review for both siberia and orca and they said that overall orca's where better in terms of sound quality and comfort but I'm not sure. So help me please ;x
  2. eltocliousus
    I've found none of these headsets sound any good compared to actual headphones for the main reason of marketing. They're marketed towards those who play games and have customers fall into the pit-traps of 'word of mouth' and buzzwords, and get away with it too, similar to the Beats headphones. They're convenient with the microphone attached but that's really the only benefit, and there are plenty of clip-on and desktop mics that can fulfill the job with a proper set of headphones.
    That said I'd look at the Creative Aurvana Live!, Pro DJ 100 and JVC-HA-S500.
  3. Hydrajk
    Thank you for the answer eltocliousus. I just checked these headphones you suggested and I couldn't find them on any Bulgarian site aswell :frowning2: and yeah I dont mind using Headphones w/o a mic, because I can always buy a desktop one or a clip mic.
    I just found some sennheiser one's that I can order for about the same price as the razer/steelseries one's
    Sennheiser HD 428
    Sennheiser HD 202
    Sennheiser HD 238  
    I don't know how these are compared to the one's I listed before. Personally I like razer orca and steelseries siberia but I can't know for sure which one is better because I've never tried headphones that are 30$ + xD
  4. Hydrajk
    Ya I think Im gonna go for either Razer Orca or Steelseries Siberia v2 but atm Im 50/50... can't decide [​IMG]
    PS. Oh and dunno if it matters, but i wear glasses 
  5. moali125
    I own and use the Razer Charcharias and out of the list you posted, it has to be the most comfortable. For music, even with a heavy EQ, I find the sound thin, but man is the soundstage wide, and you also get clarity from the upper mids and upwards. Anything below that is either too low for me, thin sounding, or muddy. If you want convenience, I suggest buying these, but if you want good sound to match then follow elto's advice, and tag on an AntLion Mic to any headphone you want. The Creative CAL looked pretty good but when I got the Razers, comfort and convenience were on my mind, and they do that pretty well. Plus I wasn't patient enough to wait for 2 weeks to get an AntLion :wink:.
    That's my two pence of the situation. 
  6. Hydrajk
    So.. any thoughts about the steelseries siberia v2 and Razer Orca cuz I want to hear something about them too :)
  7. Noobmachine
    I used to own the siberia v2s long ago, and from what I remember they were reasonably comfortable, but occasionally they would cut into the tip of my ears. I don't think it's too serious a situation cause I do have pretty big ears, so overall I would say comfort is decent. As for the sound I remember them having a pretty wide soundstage, but other than that nothing memorable stands out in my memory, I wasn't all that into audio at that time, so I can't give you the best description of its sound. However I did use them happily for over a year and I never once thought about the sound being bad, so I suppose that's a plus :)
    As for the Razer headset I'm not too sure, the Orca's are something I've never really tried, I'm just gonna guess that they're along the same lines as most of Razer's other headphones, good, but definitely not worth the price. I would go for the steel series if I were you, but really I can't say since I've only tried them :wink:
  8. TaskRa
    I owned the Steelseries Siberia v2 not to long ago very comftable, lardge soundstage and once i got my Xonar D2X soundcard some nice base. I would recommed them highly out of your list.
  9. Hydrajk
    Thank you all for your help :) I ordered the Steelseries siberia v2 white version and Im going to get them in Tuesday. I just can't wait to see the difference between my cheap 10$ one's and this beautiful new headset :p
  10. h4mm3r 0f th0r
    i had a siberia v2... they just recently got busted and i actually liked them a lot. I would say that they are twice the price that they should be, but having said that their angled drivers gave them a good sound stage, and were good for music/movies(more so than gaming i would say). The sound was very balanced and linear, but again there wasn't any exceptional detail with them. The target of these headphones was to compete with the sennheiser pc350 and pc360.
  11. Hydrajk
    Yeah.. I like the design of the Siberia v2 but I hear that alot of people say that they are not so good for music. Why is that ? And Im currious if they have a good bass.
  12. h4mm3r 0f th0r

    they are better for music than gaming... i would say... but people here won't like them as they are ofcourse not incredible or anything, but for a newbie, they are good... their biggest problem is quality... they go bad in the left side or the right pretty quick....
  13. Supertoaster
    Orcas are very very VERY comfy but other then that razer headphones aren't that good.

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