1. Shroom

    Senheiser hd 449( short review)

    Hi guys I just picked up a pair of hd 449´s and im extremly impressed so far. Their reception here has been underwhelming as far as i have seen , but considering the limited supply of cans i can get in my country these are the most creap clear headphones i have ever heard. The mids pop out...
  2. BriGuy31

    Help me pick my first real headphones...please!

    Ok, I am a newbie that signed up looking for some help. I know these topics have been covered and I appreciate your help. I have been on the other end of answering the "same old questions" often with saltwater fish and I'm sorry for this. I'm looking to buy my first real set of headphones...
  3. JustinSP

    Looking for good over ear headphones under $150 or so...

    What headphones would be best for me? I want them to have the best sound quality, comfort, and also look cool and be durable. Good noise isolation would be nice but I'm not looking for something that has active noise cancelling. I had three in mind but I'm not sure which of these would be best...
  4. mac1991

    Best Overhead Headphones for Under $100 or at most $150

    Been looking at some Sennheisers and Audiotechnias but honestly have no idea. Almost stupidly bought some Beats but thankfully realized they were a waste of money. As you can see, I'm pretty new to headphones.    I want them for listening to music on my iphone 5, macbook pro and maybe...
  5. AnthonyMcEwen

    Broken Wires.

    Right, nice and simple really, all I want to know is can you replace wires / cables on most headphones as I am scared of spending a big chunk of money on them to break the cable, not that I am likely to as I am really care full with my stuff . So for this reason in was looking for ones with...
  6. laojianke

    head phone suggestion

    I plan to buy my first pair of good headphones this year. I listen most of classical music (symphony most of time) and easy music. I don't want to spend too much on it but can reach $300. Not sure if HD 449, 518, 598 or AKG K518. Thanks for help. 
  7. en18

    Buying advice needed ~ upto $120

    Hi all,   I am looking to buy my first decent headphone and would appreciate your advice (have read a lot of posts over the past week but am more confused than ever).   Budget - Upto $120   Intend to use it with my laptop (don't want to spend on an amp) for general purpose listening...
  8. hitman9000

    Looking for new headphones, need some help on choosing.

    I currently own a pair of Audio Technica ATH-M50 and a FiiO E17 Headphone Amplifier but to me I feel the bass is lacking, hence the reason for the thread. I mostly listen to Rap, Dubstep, Drum n bass, pop, etc. Also I would like headphones that don't muffle the sound too much when turned up like...
  9. nighthart

    UE 4000 vs Sennheiser HD 449

    Hi everyone.   Just wondering how the new UE 4000 sounds comapred to the Sennheiser HD 449. I've been looking at these two headphones for a while and wondering which one I should purchase. Please don't give me recommendations for others. Where I live, it's hard to find many other brands...
  10. Shankster

    entry level headset.

    Hello, I have been on the prowl for a decent headset to buy that I can use for travel (don't need to be collapsible). I'd prefer if they were closed back. I currently own and AKG k240 mk II as my main headset at home. I'd like to find something of equal or greater quality I'm currently hunting...
  11. DrChaos

    Help me pick a pair of headphones

    Been looking at a few different Sennheisers, but I seem lost at the moment, so I'm coming here for help :)   They will be hooked up to an X-Fi Xtreme Audio and used mainly for electronic music (dnb, psy, chill). I do however listen to rock and classical music occasionally. They should be...
  12. TheJesusGuy

    Best full size closed headphones under £100

    What would anyone recommend as the best full size close headphones under £100. I have been looking at the Sennheiser HD 439 and 449's. I have heard they are slightly bass light and do not have the best isolation, but are otherwise great. Any thoughts or recommendations?
  13. saladin

    Need help picking from this list!

    Hello everyone. This is my first post, so bare with me. I'm going to be putting in a Sound Blaster X-fi titanium, and I need help deciding on a pair of good headphones out of a list I constructed. I'm going to be using these for gaming mainly (because I hear it's better to get headphones, rather...
  14. Mr Shine

    Headphones Upgrade/Comparable to Shure SRH 240

    Hi everyone,   A couple of years ago I used this forum to great effect in settling on the Shure SRH 240 headphones and I have loved them, but sadly the cord started to give up yesterday and I am now in the market for a new set of headphones for use listening to music on my laptop at home as...
  15. codefusionx

    Budget Headphones between $60-100

    Hi, folks! I'm fairly new to this forum so this is my first post. I'm currently looking for some headphones for my iPod classic. This is my first pair of headphones (since my earbuds broke) so I'm fairly new to all these. Initially I wanted to get a pair of Razer Electra's since they were $60...
  16. usg414

    SENN HD 518 and HD 449

    HI guyz, Need a quick suggestion on which one to buy.. Am no audiophile, though i prefer nice compact bass but not too much, and soundstage for gaming.. Also I have XONAR DG 5.1 sound card(with a small inbuilt amp), but basically run from an umamped source.. I want to know 518's are...
  17. garysan

    Looking for closed back for use in busy city streets.

    Was thinking of the Sennheiser HD449 as they're more over-the-ear rather than on ear such as HD25 or Beyer T50P - also not sure I want to spend quite as much as the HD25 or T50P for my first portable rig.   It's mostly to be used in London where I have to be for one day a week and have quite...
  18. DexterMorgan

    Which headphone to buy: JVC HA-M5X Xtreme Xplosives vs Sennheiser HD 449?

    Cost (in EU):   JVC HA-M5X Xtreme Xplosives: $48 Sennheiser HD 449: $96   Is it worth getting the 449?   Another option is to get the  JVC HAM5X now for $48, and get  ATH-M50 for $100 or so when I visit US in a few months. I need some headphones in the meantime as my current ones...
  19. skater-andy

    HD 449 vs HD 215

    Hi, I'm thinking about getting one of these two headphones. The reviews of the 215's are great but the fact that the headphones are so old now makes me think that maybe the 449's would be a better option.   My budget is around £100 and I listen to lots of genres from contemporary jazz to...
  20. Burky

    sennheiser 449 to amp or not to amp

    .....oops sorry  just realised wrong forum....
  21. RMFC

    Reloop RHP-20 vs hd-380 vs HD 449 help!!

    which one to choose i listen to Electronic ,dance, jazz, ROCK ,electronics, guitar, spanish guitar,trance.     Reloop RHP-20 vs hd-380 vs HD 449?
  22. ilgrillo

    Impedance of SONY NWZ-X1050 (and a new 'phone)

    Hi there from Italy (sunny Italy, indeed, in these days).  Google and Head-Fi's forum didn't help me in my research (for now). Anyone knows the output impedance of a player SONY NWZ-X1050? I think it's around 16ohm, but I'm not so sure.   I'm planning to buy a new 'phone after my old...
  23. Blopah

    Searching for full-size headphone below $100

    Hello guys, I would like to get a new pair of full-size headphones under $100 mostly for home use (but even better if they are portable anyway, foldable, low impedance, etc ).   I am going to used them with my PC replacing the not so good MDR-XD200 and I will use them mostly for listening...
  24. Mr Spliffy

    Best (most high end) Sennheiser headphones for voodoo sgs (noob)

    Hi all. Im new around here all the way from Cape Town, South Africa. I've always been in love with music but high end sound is a first for me. I recently flashed my Samsung galaxy s just so that i could get the Voodoo sound app on my phone and I'm quite amazed by the sound. I'm currently using...
  25. Kosmik Panda

    Sennheiser HD 439 VS. Senneheiser HD 449.

    Looking to get one of these pairs of headphones I listen to a lot of rock, rap, hip hop, rap, and some dubstep. I am looking for the most comfort and sound quality between these two headphones. I like a little extra bass in my music. Right now im am leaning towards the 439 because of the...