1. MfiveM

    Sennheiser HD 449 & HD 229 Headphones - Now Available

      Just wanted to let everyone know the new Sennheiser HD 449 and HD 229 headphones are now in stock at!   Ship Overnight for only $1.99!   Click here for HD 449 Information   Click here for HD 229 Information    
  2. timothybot6

    Buying new set of headphones, choosing between Sennheiser HD439 or HD449

    Hey guys, I've been looking at the Sennheiser HD439 and HD449, and wanted to find the right one for me. I'm more into the rock, progressive type music, and was wondering which one you guys thought would suit me better. Thanks
  3. in2ition

    HD439/ HD449/ other

    Hello guys. I want to buy new headphones next week. The types of music that I listen to are dubstep ( and a little dnb ), rock ( alternative and classic ) and vocal trance.   I had the HD228 but the bass was to powerful for my taste. I'm looking into the "new" HD 439 and HD 449. From the...
  4. pisoias01

    Shure SRH440 vs Sennheiser HD 449

    Shure SRH440 vs Sennheiser HD 449   which one is the best? (i listen rap in flac format... i care about confort, built and sound quality)   thanks
  5. podrez

    Sennheiser HD 449 Headphones Black versus Audio-Technica ATH-M50?

    I listen to mostly, rap and rock. I'l be using both headphone's with an Fiio E6 Headphone Amplifier. I will also be using them on plane's, so their has to be decent sound isolation, does anyone have any suggestions? 
  6. Arana

    sennheiser HD 449 Vs Audio terchnica ATH Ad 500,700

    Hi. I will soon be able to get the hd 449 or ath ad500 at the same reasonable price. Although both boast a great sound stage and good highs and mids im confused on which to buy. This is 'cause the MRP of ath ad500 is more than hd 449, but it has had mixed reviews and i feel like it has to be...
  7. danielaspra

    Skullcandy Skullcrusher vs Sennheiser HD 448 or HD 449?

    Hi! I want buy something with very good bass...If you can tell mey what i must choose between Skullcrusher or Sennheiser HD 448 and 449 and i want sound quality,durabillity.Thanks!
  8. suman134

    the new sennheiser hd 449 review feat hd 238 , hd 203 . the final verdict .

                this is the newest edition to the headphones from sennheiser , the last batch of hd 4xx were some of the best in class acts . the hd 448 was topper in the under $100 segment . the hd 428 were nice too , but now there is the batch to take their place . can the hd 449 replace the old...
  9. hifikid245

    My headphone lost bass after burn in but gain more goodies, is it normal?

    (long story,,,sorry) So I have a lower end hd449 from Senn, I have it for over two years now. After months of owning it the cable broke so I haven't use it for a month. I was eager to use again it so I got the nerve to open it up and changed the cable with the extension cable it came with. I...
  10. Bgeng

    Denon DCD 510AE + Headphones Sennheiser HD 449

    Hi there. I'm thinking about buying a Hi-Fi but I'd like to use it with headphones. I have a pair of Sennheiser HD 449 and I'd like to know if it's good idea to use them with a Denon DCD 510AE. I don't have much idea about all this stuff, so any suggestion is worthy. Thanks!
  11. mazersteven

    Sennheiser HD449 vs. HD518

    Has anyone heard or read any comparisons between the Sennheiser HD449 and the HD518? Both priced within $10 bucks from one another. For use with an I-Pod and Laptop Computer.    
  12. retrotails

    Looking at Sennheiser HD 449s

    Edit: I should clarify, I'm not sure if these are full size or on ear headphones, I've seen websites list them as either, but I do prefer full size ones, in case you want to recommend an alternative.   If you're a TL;DR person, skip this paragraph. I'm really just getting into high quality...
  13. FS2

    Would you consider the HD 449 to be "portable"?

    I'm looking at getting a new pair of headphones and have my eye on the 449s.  They look comfy and are closed back which I'm hoping will offer a small amount of isolation.  Only thing is they do look a bit big, and I'm wondering if they're easy to carry around, or will I just end up getting...
  14. ahujasid

    Shure SRH440 vs Sennheiser HD 449

    As the title says, I narrowed down to the two headphones. I will use them for casual listening and I mostly listen to beatles, led zeppelin, ac/dc and a lot of music from the 60s and 70s. Which headphone would be a better choice? I've heard a lot of good reviews about each one. Are the...
  15. will24k

    Help! newb with over ears and need help with sennheiser hd 449's

    hey guys,   just received my new headphone, been in much need of a good pair for years so went up a level and got myself a semi decent mid range over ears for the first time only the sound out of the left ear is coming through very distorted reminds me of a loose drum skin, is this normal or...
  16. kaspars

    Sennheiser HD 449/518/558 with USB sound card.

    So I've been looking to get decent headphones for some time now. At the moment I'm looking at Sennheiser HD 449, HD 518, HD 558.   I'm not really and audiophile or anything, so I don't really require the top notch tech (therefore, please don't tell me to save up and get something better...
  17. harryrupam

    Sennheiser HD 439 vs HD 449

    I've few questions -- 1) As Sennheiser HD 439 specifies that they have rich bass experience..Does that mean HD 449 will be lacking in bass?? Cause I've heard HD 449 has very good Sound stage and very descent Mid/High...Do they perform pretty Good on Bass too??   2) Some of the reviews say...
  18. usg414

    HD449 price;

    On amazon Sennheiser HD 449 are available for 119$, dont u think they r overpriced, HD 518's are only 10$ more.. I dont think the price diff is indicative of the performance diff. In INDIA the 449 are 40$ cheaper than 518  i.e for abt 90$.. Would u justify them for that price?
  19. whoelse

    Anyone have experience with HD449 and the HD203?

    Other than the Pro 380/280, these are the other 2 flagship from the 4 and 2 series. Other than design, earcup etc anyone have then to give any comment on their sound quality against these 2 model?   I am not looking to buy them but curious about their sound signature. Sennheiser seems to...
  20. kellyandrew16

    What is the difference between the Sennheiser HD 448 and the HD 449?

    and would they sound good without an amp?    
  21. ravi4616

    Fiio E6 or E11 for my sennheiser hd449 ????

    Hi, I am confused between Fiio E6 and Fiio E11 portable amp to power up my sennheiser HD449(Impedance is 32 ohm), which has a pretty balanced sound but the only problem is little weak bass and weaker overall volume. Please suggest.   Ravi
  22. harryrupam

    Sound Quality : Sennheiser HD 239 vs HD 449

    I'm thinking about pure sound quality... so what's better in term of that?? Sennheiser HD 239 or HD 449/HD 439/HD 215-II?? Open Back-Closed back is not my concern... neither is Isolation... And I'm not a Bass-head either... But I like the "Right" amount of bass in what's better in...
  23. laurencejj

    Which should I get Denon AHD1100 vs Creative Aurvana live vs Sennheiser hd 449

    Hi   I want to spend about 50-70 pounds on some head phones, and have narrowed it down to the   Denon AHD1100 vs Creative Aurvana live vs Sennheiser hd 449   What do people think? Any other suggestions welcome?   Thanks   Laurence
  24. akash neagi

    Sennheiser Momentum vs. Shure SRH 940 vs. Shure SRH840 vs. Sennheiser HD-518 vs. Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro vs. AUDIO TECHNICA ATH PRO700 mk2 vs. Sennheiser HD 449 vs. Audio-Technica ATH-M50S vs. UE 4000 vs. UE 6000

    Hi there I'm back and this time I have a long list of headphones to choose from.... The list is: Sennheiser Momentum Shure SRH 940 Shure SRH840 Sennheiser HD-518 Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro AUDIO TECHNICA ATH PRO700 mk2 Sennheiser HD 449 Audio-Technica ATH-M50S UE 4000 UE...
  25. Veiss

    Trying To Find The Perfect Headphones~

    Yo~ New here and I'd thought I jump in here right away. XD Anyway, I've been searching for some good headphones for the past week, and I just don't even know where to start. I've looked at a ton of brands, and just..I don't even know. I'm not really a picky audiophile, even an audiophile in...