Trying To Find The Perfect Headphones~
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Jan 11, 2013
Yo~ New here and I'd thought I jump in here right away. XD
Anyway, I've been searching for some good headphones for the past week, and I just don't even know where to start. I've looked at a ton of brands, and just..I don't even know. I'm not really a picky audiophile, even an audiophile in general (nor do I even know what half of the terms even mean), but I need something light, portable, and sounds very good.
So for the past few years I have been using Skullcandys (Skullcrushers to be exact), which I know are definitely not the best. You get what you pay for after all, but they were good for a high school graduate with no stable job. Oh, and I've tried the famous Beats by Dr.Dre. I don't really like them, so they're out of the question for me.
Now that I do have some sort of income in art, I'm venturing into the more expensive, and hopefully a lot better headphones. I'm looking for something based on this criteria, so if anyone could direct me to something that would fit, I'd really appreciate it. I need something:
- Over-ear headphones. On-Ear headphones are uncomfortable for me.
- That sounds good with multiple music genres. I mainly listen to Hardcore/Happy Hardcore Techno/Electronic, DnB, and Dubstep, but I also listen to a ton of OSTs from video games, which range greatly. So something that sounds excellent with multiple genres.
- EXCELLENT bass. This is important for me. I love to hear my bass in my music, while the Skullcrushers I currently own aren't the best sounding, I do enjoy the amount of bass I get from them. Maybe something with bass similar to them? Preferably something that doesn't have TOO much bass.
- Something not incredibly expensive? Maybe around $250 or less.
- Something that's pretty study, both design wise, and wire-wise (I've had issues in the past with wires just screwing up, or breaking). I would like them to last for a LONG time.
- Headphones that DO NOT require some kind of portable amp. I travel around a lot, and I need something that sounds good on its own. I can't be lugging an amp around with me.
- Good looking. I would like something that looks good. Clean and stylish, preferably not too big. I like color, so having color choices is a plus.
- EXCELLENT sound quality. I want to be able to hear everything in my music~ :3
- Comfortable. I listen to music for HOURS especially when I'm drawing for others, so something that won't hurt my ears after a while.
- Clamps the head nicely. I've had issues with Over-Ear headphones being too big or having poor clamping, and sliding off every time I bend down or lay my head back.
- And finally, something that fits MOST portable music players, and smartphones/androids (I have an older iPod, but will probably upgrade). I've had trouble with some headphones not fitting one or the other, which is strange to me to begin with.
I know that sounds somewhat picky (more design picky), but if you guys can direct me to something matching at least some of those traits, I would be super grateful.
I HAVE been looking at these, so if anyone has any details/reviews on these, I'd love to hear them.
Thanks in advance~ :3
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Feb 8, 2011
The Audio Technica ATH-M50 comes to mind.  They were one of my first sealed headphones and I still own and use mine.  They are more neutral sounding than the Crossfade LP which can sound too laid back and fuzzy.  The bass reproduction on the ATH-M50 is excellent as long as the track you are listening to contains it.  The ATH-M50 is NOT a headphones with accentuated and bloated bass.
The Sennheiser HD-449 would also be a another great sounding entry-level sealed headphone.
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Aug 12, 2011
I use Beyer DT770 for similar music genres and gaming and have no complaints at all.  Have owned them a while and they are a really sturdy headphone, you would struggle to break them with general use.  Sound quality is superb for the cost IMO, you can get these for a very reasonable price and blow Beats out the water in terms of quality.  Bass is plentiful but the highs can be a little piercing on some tracks but with a little EQ you can generally sort that out.
I also considered Denon AD2000 at the time of purchase as they came highly recommended, you may still find some old stock somewhere but in the UK they were nearly double the price of the Beyers.

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