Trying to get a flat response from the EQ in foobar2000, with my Sennheiser HD 449
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Apr 26, 2013
Here's what I did.

- Created a 30 seconds pink noise in Audacity

- Converted it to stereo

- Played it in foobar2000 with the EQ as the only DSP, except the next one

- Used a Spectrum analyzer VST

- The DSP Window looks like this
- Equalizer
- Spectrum Analyzer VST

- Played the pink noise and messed with the EQ bands until the response looked like this:

- Saved the EQ setting. When auto leveled, it looks like this:

So, does that makes sense to you ? Am I out of the track ?

Thanks !

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when pink noise is done rigbt, you cant hear it as snow anymore.. it is more like a pressure only.
why not try using a tone generator and put the tone on each eq slider frequency, then move 'em up and down until they are all the same loudness ..?

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