Best headphones for a beginner home recorder?
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New Head-Fier
Jan 4, 2014
Hi everyone. I've joined to ask for help on getting a new pair of headphones. They will be my first "worthy" pair of headphones that have cost me more than $10. I've just started recording some music at home, mostly acoustic/folk/alt/vocals and I need a good pair of headphones for playback that won't cost more than $150. They don't have to be amazing, as a beginner I have little knowledge and obviously would rather spend less money, however I want something where in a couple of years when I'm more experienced, they won't be complete crap sounding to me. Something I can also have everyday use for would be good also. 
A few brands I've been recommended are:
Sennheiser (HD449, HD203 [although they are cheap a friend has them and they say they are really great and would suffice])
Roland (RH200)
I also do not want to get a pair that do not have a detachable/replaceable cable as I am prone to breaking those.
Any help and suggestions would be really appreciated.
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Oh yeah and only the HD 380 has a replaceable cable. 


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