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New Head-Fier
Feb 13, 2014
I've been recently researching new over the ear headphones because my Sennheiser HD449's just don't do it for me. I'm mainly looking for comfort and great sound quality here, but cannot exceed 150 dollars. I am also looking for a Bluetooth feature if possible. These will be used on the go, outside of my home. Here's a list that i've researched and would like to get some info and personal opinions. If anything owns any of the following:
Vmoda M80 - I know these are on ear but they still appeal to me. I would love the M100 but they are too expensive.
Audio Technica ATHM50 - I've heard nothing but good reviews, so these are definitely a possibility.
Klipshe Image One (II) Bluetooth - The Bluetooth function appeals to me and these cosmetically appeal to me, although i've heard these can have overpowering bass and harsh highs.
Sony MDR-V6 - These definitely don't do the job cosmetically but if the sound and comfort exceeds, they are on my list.
Last but not least, Brainwavz HM9 - These surely appeal to me and i've read alot of great reviews.
For those who help me, thank you, i don't want to make a bad decision like i did with the HD449's... i don't really like them. Also, if theirs any other recommendations on what i should get outside of my list, please post them, i'm always open for suggestions.
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I would not recommend the klipsch. I own the regular version of the image one II and the bass way to overbearing and has a muffled sound overall. I also would not recommend the sony MDR v6 for portability. They are built like a tank but the cable is too and long.

The m50x would work great. They sound great and have a nice short cable. Also maybe check out the klipsch reference one. They WAY better than the image one.
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x2 on the M50x
In the unlikely event that M50x doesn't work out for you for some reason or another, try HD380 or SRH840.

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