Sennheiser & NAD impressions, searching for bass
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Jan 15, 2014
Hi, headfiers.
All we know that it's quite hard to compare headphones. Different music, different tastes. So here goes my short story of headphones and question afterwards.
I started with Sennheiser EH250. Really liked it. Lightweight, easy to wear, a very strong bass. Then I switched to HD449. Obviously less bass, but overall quality like staging and so on is quite good. EH250 kinda ruin everything except from bass. HD449 have only a few problems: they are heavy and I feel pain in the upper part of ears after sometime (even after a few songs/tracks). I think that the problem is cans' size. It's bigger than EH250, but not big enough.
Sometime ago I tried HD598. This is my 1st open headphones experience. Cans' size is excellent, but bass is kinda lost... So I moved to NAD HP50. The 1st impression was very good. Very lightweight, and the "roomfeeling" really works. But after sometime I got disappointed. The problem with pain in ears is still here though it's less than with 449. And I feel lack of bass comparing to HD449. I could say that bass in 449 is more powerful. Overall sound of NAD is a bit unpleasantly piercing and strident to me. Probably this is because turn volume up too high seeking for bass...
So, what do you recommend me to search for? Usually I listen to such bands like Marilyn Manson, Prodigy, Rammstein, Nirvana, some little known rock bands and piano or organ based classic, but not that much. All in all I value good bass and volumetric sound combined with ear comfort. Probably it should be something like HD449 with bigger cans.
And one more question about amplifier. I bought Arcam rPac and experience the problem described here: , so I hope to change it to something else. Which portable amplifier you would recommend to? Salesman suggested some small cylindrical-looking amplifier (I didn't remember the name, but it's something quite famous), but I am not sure...

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