What should i buy as an upgrade for HD 25-1 II?? Plz suggest!!
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Feb 9, 2013
I had hd 25 1-II for two years and its sound quality is superb.
Since when i change the wire from hd 25-sp, the left and right connectors starts to be a problem. I need to jigger whenever i use it. So i changed to original wire but same result.
hd 25 is a legend but after more or less 20 mins, my ears start to hurt.
I need a close headphone (preferred sennheiser) which is comfy and as good as hd25.
Can anybody suggest me?
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Can't you still buy individual replacement parts of the HD25-1 ii from Sennheiser? I thought that was the point of being able to disassemble the whole thing.
I would say the Amperiors since you like the sound of the HD25-1's, but if you find them uncomfortable I say look for full-sized circumaurals.
Also, if you do want something different, I wouldn't look at Sennheiser. The HD25-1 ii is a black sheep in the Sennheiser family with a different sound sig. Also, most of Sennheiser's line up (other than their budget-tier and noise-cancelling models) are open, not closed.
I suggest you try the recommendation thread and maybe provide more details other than "as good as HD25."

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I think the OP is saying the sockets on the drivers themselves are loose, in which case it would not be cost effective to order replacements for. There's also the issue of comfort.
I do agree that the HD25 is probably not a good representation of the Sennheiser house sound, but if the OP decides to stick with them then he should try the Momentums, HD439, or HD449.
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Thank you guys for the suggestion. The replaceable parts and service are not currently available in my country.
And yes, it sucks.
Sorry for presenting my problem generally as I m a rookie when it comes to headphone terms. It's just that I am a big sucker for nice headphone.
I am thinking to buy Momentum. But can you guys please tell me any alternative from any brand??
Thanks both of you guys, appreciate it. :D

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