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mp3 player + headphone for traveling

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by mezox, Jan 9, 2014.
  1. MeZoX
    i have an ipod touch 5th gen and a bose AE2 , i haven't used them in  a while since i bought my studio monitors 
    Yesterday i had a 24hr shift i decided to play something to pass the time , for some reason i couldn't stand the headphones , it sounded very harsh and it kinda gave me a headache , and songs just didnt feel the same 
    so i think its time to upgrade 
    i thought about buying these Sennheiser - HD 380 PRO
    but i think they need an amplifier to sound proper 
    would they work well with my ipod 5th gen ? or am i better of buying one of these 
  2. StoneJack
    I have Beyerdynamics dtx501p for travel - it comes with travel bag, airplane adaptor, foldable, has wonderful bass and clarity, great sound.  For desktop I use HD449 Sennheiser and both are wonderful. 

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