How to properly clean headphones?
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Sep 13, 2012
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Sep 13, 2012
Hi all.  I haven't been to this forum in months.
I recently bought a pair of Sennheiser HD 449 which I got for $78 after tax!  I thought it was a good price so I went for it.
Now to the question...
I have long hair and when I was just trying on my new headphones the earmuffs got kind of oily from my hair.  The only reason I noticed is because I was inspecting the headphone band and all around making sure it didn't get damaged in shipping.
It got me thinking...  how do I clean my headphones?

I also own a pair of Sennheiser PC-160s.  I have had these headphones for over 7 years!  I take good care of my stuff but let me tell you these headphones have taken a beating.  They have fallen off my desk so many times and smashed to the wood floor, the cable has been run over by a chair, and they have been stuffed in packed bags.  They still work great though!
The one thing that has not survived are the earmuffs/velour.  The velour wore out in like 2 years.  It started to peel and flake off until there was no more.  Now it's just the earmuffs which were originally black.  Now they are kinda whitish brown due to oil and dandruff I assume.  Also there are a lot of little hairs on there.
I want to take good care of my new headphones and also clean these old ones.  I don't know the best way.

What can I do?

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