1. Broese

    in ear vs over ear vs on ear sound quality

    What is the difference in sound quality between the three types of headphones of similar value?
  2. jyoder13

    ex Klipsch S4 owner looking for something new!

    I used to own a set of Klipsch s4 headphones. I had them for about 4 years and never had problems with their durability, not until my cat chewed them up recently... I enjoyed them, so I was just going to go with another pair but then I realized I was missing out on ALL kinds of different...
  3. tino96

    Need advice from audiophiles...

    OK,   so I am new to the forum and I needed some expert advice. I wanted to buy a pair of headphones. Initially I wanted to buy Beats because they looked good but it's a big Nono now because they don't sound that great and I only pay for the brand and not the quality, and they are a...
  4. TehSquash

    First time buying headphones

    Hi guys, this is my first time posting anything on head fi, so bear with me haha. I've been searching for a good pair of headphones for a couple of months now, and I am absolutely confused as to what to get. I've decided on closed back circumaural headphones below like 150 bucks, but that's...
  5. Banana Wackeys

    Good over-ear, noise-isolating headphones for under $150?

    Forgive me if this has been asked many times before, but i'm new here and still haven't gotten used to the whole system yet. (prepare for a wall of text - there is a TL;DR below if you must)   Anyways, i have IEM's, but i find the silicon inserts going deep into my ear canal both...
  6. 0pyders

    What does head-fi recommend?

    Hi, I'm new and having a little bit of trouble finding my way through the forums. I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask, but here it goes. And bare with me, I don't know much about headphones.   I'm looking for a new pair of headphones to replace my Sennheiser 280s. What I'm...
  7. xnor

    Headphones sensitivity, impedance, required V/I/P, amplifier gain

    The following table is based on measurements, not manufacturer specs.   Target SPL is 110 dB SPL. The source is assumed to output 2 V. The amp is assumed to be a voltage source (0 ohm output impedance). Voltage, current, power are RMS figures.   What do the columns mean? S@1V is the...
  8. imboringlycool

    Looking for new reasonable headphones

    Hello, I've known about these forums for a while but I'm pretty new here.   So let me start by saying I am a college student, so suffices to say that I don't have a ton of disposable income. I am a musician but I am not looking for any kind headphones for recording or mixing. I am looking...
  9. apex209

    NEED help picking out headphones

     here are the choices ive come down to ( if you know if any different ones pls throw it out there). by the way my music preference is rap with decent amount of bass at least although i dig all types of music. notice these are in the same price range.     Sennheiser HD 518   OR    ...
  10. 0pyders

    New to the magical world of audio; not sure which over the ear headphones to buy.

    So, I'm not sure what to start reading, or where exactly to ask, but I'm looking for some new headphones to replace my Sennheiser 280s. My budget is $100-150. I listen to electronic music mainly. I would really appreciate it if someone could link me to something that I could read up on or if...
  11. RHythmiie

    Looking for some headphone advice

    Hello to all a ya ;) Hope the days farin well.   I'm in the market for a fresh set of cans/amp , have had a pair of the hd 280's for something like 4 years now, un-amped.   Having spent a fair bit of time browsing and reading, the like, I've still run into a good number of potential...
  12. arjunlall

    Headphones and Speakers AT THE SAME TIME

    I recently got a pair of Grado Sr60s, which are my first pair of open headphones. (Im loving them so far, quite different from my HD280s, each has their purpose) So my speakers and headphones are both hooked up to my computer using a splitter. When listening to my grados today I accidently...
  13. PeterBandu


    Hello to all Forum members, new member and I'm just getting interested in headphones and how they may be able to help me enjoy music and radio again. I've been retired now for seven years and just coming to terms with the loss of some hearing frequencies. Shooting full bore pistols and rifles...
  14. pro1137

    Should I get an IEM or a full-sized can?

    Hello Head-Fi'ers. It's come to my attention that I may not actually be looking in the correct section for my 'perfect' headphones. In other words, IEM vs Full-sized I've went through a few cans that I initially liked, but after a little bit of listening, I feel have lost their luster...
  15. Poisoner

    Headphone recommendation for an overwhelmed person

    Hey guys, I have read and read and done a lot of research.  After being an audio lover for many years I decided to get into hi-fi.  I've currently have what I consider a good setup, but I am looking for more.  I am looking for more because I know there is more out there.  However, I get...
  16. mloyfa

    Sennheiser vs Beyerdynamic

    Looking for new headphones and am willing to pay up to 250. I have a pair of Sennheiser HD280 Pros and as a first pair, i think they are great. they're durable and for what i payed, they sound good. Time for an upgrade though, and i am looking into Sennheiser and Beyerdynamic. Which company...
  17. krubenok

    Headphone Recomendation

    Hi, new to Head-fi,   Im looking for a bit of a headphone upgrade. I currently have a pair of Sennheiser HD-280 that I really love but want to go further. I usually listen to EDM dance music and electronic. I was considering stepping up to the 598s but from the reviews I've seen here, the...
  18. Waveboy

    Which 'Closed' Cans produce the least amount of sound in the $100-$250 range?

    As of now, I own a pair of Sennheiser HD595's which i absolutely Adore. The sound that they produce is absolutely amazing. BUT i no longer have the desire to use them for gaming(Total NintenFreak here hehe) because of the ridiculous amount of sound leakage which isn't exactly ideal considering...
  19. escf

    Closed-ear earphones for a fan of UE TripleFi 10?

    Hi, Head-Fi folks,   I'm in the market for a pair of closed-ear over-the-ear headphones, with an emphasis on good isolation, low leakage, and comfort, and I hope you can help me pick some. I've worn UE TripleFi 10s for many years and have always preferred them to all other headphones I've...
  20. AristoNYC

    Less bass heavy portable headphones?

    Hi,  I am trying to get away from earbuds as I want better sounding headphones for when I am on the subway and walking to work. I currently own Sennheiser HD485 for my home listening (though the ear pads need replacement) that I've had for a long time and I absolutely love the sound. They are...
  21. sonelone

    Under $100 Headphones for Listening to All Kinds of Music

    I need advice for a pair of headphones to get for under $100. I've been considering the ATH-M30, MDR-V6, HA-RX700/900, Creative Aurvana Live, and HD280s. I listen to pretty much every genre of music. Anybody have recommendations? Headphones I haven't listed are fine too.
  22. appar111

    K501, DT150, K271S, HD280 or DT250-250?

    After reading Fewtch's comments about how the Go-Vibe could drive the K501's adequately, and the K501's being so cheap nowadays, I thought I would possibly pick up a pair of them, or one of the following: AKG K501 - $129 Beyer DT150 - $163 AKG K271S - $160(?) Senn HD280 - $75 ($95 if I get...
  23. Poisoner

    Upgrade from my HD 280 Pro's

    I've always been happy with my 280s until now.  I recently picked up some Beyerdynamic DTX 102 ie for my wife and they are way better than my 280s in every way.  The 280s are extremely bright and I never noticed how much it affected the quality of the music I listened to.    They gotta go.
  24. JSchwage

    DT250 pads on HD 280 Pro

    Hey all,   Just picked up some HD 280 Pros from another member and I'm really enjoying these for my set of closed cans. Only issue I have with them is they get somewhat uncomfortable after a couple hours. They come with pleather pads and I've grown accustomed to the velour pads on my HD...
  25. ndee3

    What's the best headphone for under 200?

    Hey this is my first post, Looking for your opinions, I am going to invest in my first pair of good headphones, I had dre solos but I got the iPhone 5 and the new headphones that come with them had more bass, I love bass and I like when it has depth and I like hearing the music on a bunch of...