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need help choosing

  1. zain
    So I need to buy new earphones as my klipsch s4 broke two weeks after I received them due to a loose connection , but anyway I need help to find the right earphone for rap, hip hop and rnb , my budget is around £50-£100 and I listen to music almost half a day , everyday so it will need to be comfortable , any suggestions would be nice , also I have considerd a/t jays three and Sony xba 2 and the Sony smart headset mhc1 but don't know which ones better , anyway if you could help that would be great , thanks. (Only in ears /iems )
  2. zain
  3. JoeDoe
    If you haven't already, Shure SE215s are very popular. Very exciting sounds from a dynamic driver. And only $100 to boot! 
    I don't know about the Sony XBA2 but the 3s are superb. Talk about detail and clarity! The bass is very controlled and the mids and highs bring out things I haven't heard in music that I've been listening to for years! I'm sure the 2s are very similar. 
  4. zain
    yeah I've heard the 3's are good but my budget is only around 80-70 pounds and i don't like the design of the shures (my opinion) and the xba-2's have been getting really bad reviews so I'm not sure
  5. JoeDoe
    I felt similarly about the Shure's until I listened to them. The fact that you get so much bang for your buck makes them much better looking!
    A few other options that receive pretty good reviews from what I've seen are:
    vSonic's GR06s (the 07s are some of the most popular IEMs on this forum and the 06s are close from what I read)
    Logitech UE 600s are also extremely popular for everyday use
  6. zain
    alright thanks I'll check em out
  7. Emospence
    Yamaha EPH-100 sounds good for your music preferences
  8. zain
    thanks but that's out of my price range..

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