Live sound bad for headphones/audio gear.... myth?
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Nov 2, 2012
I was told a long time ago that live audio, lets say from a guitar or something else would "ruin" normal audio stuff like headphones or speakers because the equipment wasn't designed for live use. Is this true at all?
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Do you mean that live recordings ruin audio gear? Pure BS man.

Else we'd all have some JBL Eon's @ home just for listening to live recordings.

Of course if you use "normal" gear to throw an outdoor party, then yes, you'll probably end up burning the voice coils or tweeters, as home audio gear is not designed to sustain high SPL levels for long ammounts of time. For such purpose there are specially designed speakers with specially designed enclosures.
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It's utter Bullsh*t. I could use my dv64 tower speakers and vintage integrated amp to do "live" sound too.
Or if you are referring to live recordings, still Bullsh*t.
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Good to know. Not live recordings, I really enjoy DVD concerts and such, but "amping" something like a guitar. I was wondering if hifi equipment would get damaged if the sound wasn't compressed or something similar. I knew that sounded weird....
Comically we accidentally blew a small woofer awhile back because we didn't realize the system was on when we were working on some live drum stuff.... but that of course was because it was cranked really loud. Same would of happened with a CD if it was that loud!
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Well I get it now.
I'd say it's not entirely a myth, I can see where it comes from.
It so happens that you can get a lot more of distortion out of say, an electric guitar or bass guitar, having it plugged as a source to an amp / receiver. This distortion translates into a clipping input signal, which in turn creates electrical current peaks. This current peaks translate into heat build-up and this can quickly lead to a component failure.
An improper gain setting can also lead to equipment damage. All these factors stirred up and you've got yourself a recipe for disaster. Dedicated guitar / bass guitar amps are much better at taking this kind of abuse than home theater components or hi-fi headphones.
And, of course, the combination BIGASS AMP + little speakers usually leads to the death of the later if pushed beyond its limits. 
So yes, it certainly is not a good idea to use home audio equipment to power guitars and stuff, but in the end it all comes down to how much power you're feeding trough your speakers, and how much of inner destroyer there is in you.
Hope this clears it up :)
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Good info! So what I'm wondering.... are there any special precautions I should take with my GR07s when using them with my bass guitar?

I will be running Bass (passive) > DI box > mixer > wireless trans > IEMs

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