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What's the best IEM under 200?

  1. FightBrothers
    i'm looking for a IEM that is under 200 with good soundstage good mids and highs, bass is not my biggest concern but it still have to nice and clear. i'm not an audiophile so i'm hoping for some opinions.
  2. Reomero
    There's so many options in the under $200 area. Have you checked out Joker's huge multi-IEM review thread? He's covered a lot of the top contenders in this price range. [​IMG]
  3. Watagump
    Popular choices.
    Just to name a few.
  4. tinyman392
    PFE 0xx/1xx
    Moshi (both the Vortex Pro and Clarus)
    1. Vortex (Pro) if you're wearing them up (as opposed to down, they are heavy)
    Etymotic (both the HF5/3/2 and EtyKids 5/3)
    1. If you don't mind ear rape for the first week (you'll adjust though :))
    Brainwavz B2
    Monster Gratitude
    1. If you can withstand the discomfort issue :frowning2:
  5. Jeremypsp
    Definitely the Etymotic HF5s.
  6. Xinn3r
    +1 to the GR07, really fits the bill for what you're looking for
    Etymotics are nice, but for a first timer going into hi-fi territory, I suggest looking for something not so analytical...
    Etymotics tend to be too dry sometimes... although they are eerily accurate
  7. outeirino
    +2 for Vsonic GR07, has a really amazing sound with mids and highs near to BA drivers and awesome bass.
  8. p2A810wner
    TDK BA200 if you can source them. My first BA set and sound fantastic. Very comfortable, and great stock tips including 2 sets of Comply's as well. 
  9. FightBrothers
    What do you guys think of the UE triplefi compare with some of these choices? my friend is highly suggesting me to buy the UE but i don't really know for sure that is for me.
  10. Watagump
    People are going to tell you to get the one they like, most of the time. There really isnt any real way to know except to try them. Easier said than done though. You can be pointed in the right direction if you know what sound signature you prefer, also list some music you listen to the most. In the end you still have to let your ears decide.
  11. Jeremypsp
    The TF10 is very much worth the price at amazon, seeing that they were sold almost 2-3x in the past. But the fit is not good.
  12. Watagump
    I never had fit issues before I had mine made into customs, so people do buy them and not have fit issues.
  13. Jeremypsp
    Yes, I don't have much fit issues when trying them out too. But it's undeniably not as good as westones or shure or even etymotic.
  14. mhdesigns1
    GR07 bass edition or mk2?
  15. Tehol
    I enjoyed my TF10 and am also not an audiophile but my standards have been progressing upward over time, I got them on amazon when they were $99.  Very balanced to me and the bass was nice w/o being intrusive.  I had them custom molded but actually liked them better in the stock housing.  I used to flip them in my ears (R speaker in L ear) to wear under a motorcycle helmet but they still hurt on long rides so I had inearz remold them. They're still worth the $220 currently on amazon IMO.
    I recently broke mine but decided to try the e-Q5 instead since they really seem to suit my tastes very well according to members of this forum.  I was vacillating between them and the GR07 BE. 

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