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New Pair of Earphones

  1. enyls
    I've been using beats in ear earphones(I'm not sure exactly what model, they don't seem to have it anymore on their website), but they have broken. I didn't even really like them in the first place though.
    I mostly listen to hip-hop/rap, alternative, rock, and some of the new pop songs that come up on the radio. My max price I'm willing to go up to is around 130 dollars.
    A few that I'm interested in are the upcoming a-jay fives, klispch s4i ii, hifiman re400, velodyne vpulses. However, I'm a complete newcomer to this subject and have no idea what is good and what is bad.
    Any suggestions? Also, I'd prefer a model with a remote/mic
  2. Winegums
    I would urge you to take a look at V-Moda even though it looks like they're moving away from IEM's. They build an extremely durable headphone that is focused towards bass heavy music. I had an old set of V-Moda IEM's that I found in a parking lot that had been run over by cars and they still worked perfectly! They sounded great and even surpassed my Beats Tours. The only reason I don't have them any more is I gave them to my mom when I got my LP2's. I would expect that the newer lines of IEM's from V-Moda are also good value for price.
  3. enyls
    Thanks, ill take a look at v moda.
    Anymore suggestions?
  4. jonyoo
    I would look into AudioTechnica's Solid Bass series. 
  5. enyls
    How is the comfort on the audiotecnicas? They look a little uncomfortable
  6. jawar
    The UE TF10Pro, JVC FXZ100, Philips S2, Sony XBA3 and GR07 are great soundquality IEMs with good punchy bass.
  7. Snyper0012
    If you want to seriously upgrade from beats i would highly recommend audio technica solid bass series, specifically thr cks77x or cks1000, which perform very well in sub bass rumble and mid bass punch if that is what you are looking for.
  8. jonyoo
    They're actually not as uncomfortable as they look. Yeah, they do kinda look funny but I've tried them for testing and it actually has quite a comfortable fit. You might find more positive opinions on comfort of the solidbass series in the forums concerning different solidbass models, a popular one people write on is the cks1000. Even though it's above your budget, the outer product design is probably close to identical if not exactly the same design as the cheaper models of the same series. It's what's inside that counts.

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