1. blargman

    Monster Trumpet

    What do you guys think of these? I just bought a pair and I'm significantly underwhelmed.  I can't seem to get a good seal with them( though admittedly I do have some weird ear canals). I also can't understand why they put the volume adjustment like 5 inches from the head phone. It looks like...
  2. 3VIL

    250 recommendation

    hello I'm looking for some in-ears to buy time for Christmas .. I have researched a bit and came up with some models Brainwavz B2 VSonic GR-07 Phonak Audeo PFE-112 Yamaha EPH-100 Atomic Floyd-superdarts Sony xba-2 I hope you give me some help to choose the right thing for my case Thank you
  3. metload2

    VSONIC GR07 normal vs bass for bass guitar monitoring

    Hey everyone, first post!   So I have decided on the VSONIC GR07 IEMs for monitoring my bass guitar, but I am wondering if the new ones geared more towards bass would work better for me. Any opinions? If the regular GR07's have an accurate enough low end, I guess I wouldn't see the need, but...
  4. Tirus

    Earphones with forward vocals (under $200)

    I'm looking for earphones that are very intimate with forward vocals and good bass. Currently I have Bose IE2 headphones but the vocals don't stand out to me. I tried the GR07 because it had great reviews but it sounded dull and distant in comparison Also, IjokerI recommended the JCV HA-FXT90...
  5. Karl2009

    Your advice for IEMs or Earbuds with good sub-bass extension (until 200$)

    I have always looked in an hifi system a good bass extension, that reach around 30Hz at least.   I have got a Senss 600 and AKG 701 that properly ampliffied fulfil my bass expectations.   I am looking for some IEMs with good bass and sub-bass extension but without losing middle and high...
  6. stcool


    hi everyone i'm planning to buy the sony xba-4, i'm gonna use them with my nexus s( with VOODOO SOUND ), i know that he has a clean audio output but the problem is, the sony xba-4 has 8ohm impedance, so do you think that the nexus s with voodoo has a good output impedance to power them properly?
  7. myxf87

    GR07 Treble Spikes

    Hey   I have had GR07’s for about two weeks now and I have been getting some quite bad treble spikes. I’m not too sure if it’s the headphones or is it is just that my ears are sensitive to a certain frequency. After listening for a while my ears get sore and the sound is unpleasant.   It...
  8. surronix

    Brainwavz B2 vs Vsonic GR07

    Hey guys I'm looking to upgrade from my klipsch s4s but I'm having trouble deciding what I want. I have narrowed it down to the B2 and GR07. From what I have searched on the forums, the gr07 are slightly better. The thing is, the B2 are on sale for $100 vs the $160 GR07 on ebay. Is the...
  9. koreanzombie

    Yamaha EPH-100 vs JVC FXD80 vs VSONIC GR07 IEM's

    Hi guys, my first thread. I think these 3 IEM's are well rated and are good value around the £100/$160 mark. I wanted to know which of the 3 IEM's is better suited for hip hop, rnb, pop, chillstep, trance? And are there any other IEM I should consider? Thanks.