Your advice for IEMs or Earbuds with good sub-bass extension (until 200$)
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Dec 1, 2009
I have always looked in an hifi system a good bass extension, that reach around 30Hz at least.
I have got a Senss 600 and AKG 701 that properly ampliffied fulfil my bass expectations.
I am looking for some IEMs with good bass and sub-bass extension but without losing middle and high frequencies.
I have listen some better recommendations in the forum (Brainwavz B2, Re-Zero, Xcape IE...) and others from Xears, Soundmagic, Fisher.
Some of them sounds quite decent but without the bass extention I am looking for, so I can not live with them.
I am wondering if the Vsonic GR07 or Sony MDR-EX600 could be the iems that I need.
If not, could you please give me another recomendation until 200$ or any ear buds with those charactersitics (I am no looking for isolation, just portability).
Thanks for your answers.
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Apple EarPods :D they do have good bass and they're only $30.00, so why not? They have great soundstage and clarity too, just remember to try them with foam earbud covers.

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