1. murano

    VSonic GR07 - Price in Singapore

    Hi,   Just wondering how the VSonic GR07 prices are in Singapore compared to having them shipped to the US.  Also, since I've never been to Singapore, is it standard practice to negotiate the best price?   Thanks!
  2. blastomorpha

    need 100-120€ IEMs

    Hello there, I'm going to buy a portable AMP+DAC that I'm 99% sure will be a Fiio E17. Looking for something in the 100-120€ price range, and these feature:   - good isolation - no sound coloration, good for audio editing also - least fatiguing possible, confortable for long sessions...
  3. Deadlovestory

    Need suggestion/buying guide for high-end universal IEM

    Hey there, I'm a newbie in head-fi (1st post/thread/activity here!), and I would like to receive some input regarding high-end universal IEM.   First of all, I'm not a hardcore audiophile, nor am I very knowledgeable about IEMs in general, I'm just a casual listener who wants to step up and...
  4. S

    Sony MH1C better than CIEMs or just another ATH-M50?

    There has been so much hype about the MH1Cs that really got me thinking, are they really that good that they compare to headphones like the B2s and Gr07s, or are most people who have purchased these never heard other IEMs other than the $30 stuff you find at Best Buy and RadioShack and have...
  5. Smogg

    HELP Head-Fiers!! Please!

    It was about two years ago when I first listened to the Klipsch S4 Image headphones.  Before that, I had only ever listened to the crappy Apple iPod white earbuds.  Listening to the Klipsch S4's completely blew my mind, I had no idea what I was missing.   Fast forward two years later I have...
  6. dt3k

    Best sub $200 IEMs for Rock Music?

    I'm new here, I've searched the threads and can't find much info.  Most of it talks bout techno, Dubstep, and hip-hop.  What is your opinion of the best sub $200 dollar IEMs for Rock music?  I listen to a lot of Rock/Metal/Progressive for long periods of time at work.  I'm finally looking for...
  7. drawingbreath

    IEM for replacing Denon AH-D7000

    Hi everyone Our office is about to move from separate rooms to an open plan environment; something no one is looking forward to. For the last year I have been using and appreciating my AHD7000's at work each day, but because sound isolation isn't the best I think now is the time to get some...
  8. jvandyk

    Good,not great runners cans?

    They need to have the voice command for IOS and be comfortable and stay in for a serious runner.   Any suggestions?   Thanks!
  9. leeds2592

    GR07 vs GR07 Bass Edition

    Hi all,   Been lurking around the site checking out the reviews for a while now so thought it was about time I signed up!   Looking to get some new IEM's and after much searching around, I've decided on the GR07's. However, there doesn't seem to be much comparisons to the Bass Edition...
  10. dkzp

    Is the Gr07 worth it??

    Hi, im a new member here and am a newb with IEMs... i just recently ordered a pair of Gr07 and was wondering if the bass on it is respectable... I had Skullcandy Heavy Medal before and was curious to know if the Gr07 are on par with the bass of the heavy medal...  thanks for your input...
  11. Poetic

    Vsonic Gr07

    I recently got the Vsonic Gr07 last week. and they came with tips. I was wondering which ones are the best to use? also where do i buy the Jay's Silicone tips, i've read they were the best. i also see the Light green Sony hybrids in which everyone says are fake. are the fake sony hybrids any...
  12. k923

    Need help, small ear canal at funny angle

    I am really hoping someone can give a good recommendation on IEM's that will be comfortable for me.  I have small shallow ear canals and haven't found an IEM that is comfortable for longer then half an hour.  At this point my only two requirments are comfort and iphone controls.  I have the...
  13. vincentkriek

    IEM for at the office

    I finally got a job (yay ) but with this job come problems. I have had my Sennheiser HD598, which I love with all my heart, and Sennheiser HD25 II, which is amazing for on the go but is not comfortable for hours on end, for quite some time now. I have been using the HD25 at the office but it...
  14. AHorseNamedJeff

    Help me convince my parents to let me get CIEM's for Christmas?

    So, I've done a lot pf pondering for this years Christmas list, and I've decided that my big thing (Santa gift) will be a pair of CosmicEars Flex Custom IEM's, that with the options I've chosen is around $175. This is cheaper than anything else I've ever asked for, but they still shoot down my...
  15. todd92371

    Which IEM with no, "For the money" status?

    Just wondering which IEM sounds way beyond it's price. One that you would buy even if it cost alot more? I guess.... one that you would call a sleeper in the low price world. :)
  16. Faringan

    Best IEM for rock (under 250 €)?

    Hi, this is my first post but I started reading this (wonderful  ) forum months ago... I'm going to buy a new pair of IEMs but I can't decide which one is the best in the 250€ price range... My library is 90% composed of rock, hard rock and metal music. I'm searching for something that...
  17. Tangster

    My SE425's got run over by a bus today...new IEM?

    So as per the title, my "proper"(ish) IEM's got run over by a bus and I need a replacement pair preferably for under £100 that is available in the UK. In terms of sound, I like my IEM's detailed with a slight mid bump. Sibilence is a nono.   Nothing extravagant, these are to tide me over...
  18. nharrietha

    B&W C5 Question and Recommended IEMS for Rock

    Hello, I recently purchased a pair of Bowers & Wilkins C5 earphones and so far I haven't really been too satisfied with them; that being said they haven't really been burned in yet. The lows just seem a little muddy and the mids are very poor for this price point, I've also noticed that cymbals...
  19. kilipeti

    Looking for best warm DAC/AMP under $300 (see specifics)

    I would like to find new desktop equipment for IEMs. I would like a big step up from Sansa Fuze.   They are not necessary to be portable, nor battery-powered, but USB connection is a must for DAC.   Since I have a Brainwavz B2 and a Vsonic GR07, I would like to find something on the whole...
  20. owais

    Best bass orientated IEM's around $200-300

    Hi, I recently broke my GR07's and am now looking for a new pair of IEM's. The GR07's were great but not practical at all.    I like earphones with good bass, so factoring that in, which earphones should i be looking at?   I wanted a pair of TF10's as i've heard them before but i can't find...
  21. ibanezcustom

    New Headphones Under $200

    Hey I'm looking to get some new IEMs. I currently have the RHA Ma350 and they still work but I'm looking to upgrade for a nicer pair. I listen to rock/metal, rap/hiphop, dubstep, trance, and some smoother rock I.e. john mayer and Norman Jones. Along with these I'll probably be grabbing an fiio...
  22. dangerzone9k

    Best over the ear headphones under $200

    Hi all,   I'm looking to purchase over the ear headphones soon and I wanted to get some reccomendations from the experts on which headphones that I should purchase.  I was currently looking at the new Sony headphones and M100s but I'm not sure if I want to spend that much money for my first...
  23. sabarirjpm

    Help on Fixing my VSonic GR07

    Hi    I have my VSonic GR07 that has a problem with the Jack. Is there someone in Chennai/ India who would help me fix the Jack/ cable if required   Regards Sabari
  24. viator122

    Been away from the forum for a while. SE425 on the way to replace E4 - what's the competition?

    Wow, I haven't been on the forum for a while - the IEM market looks like it really filled out over the last few years.     My story is that I originally had the Shure E2c and shortly after the E4 came out around 2005 (2006?), I upgraded to those.  About every year or so, the sound in one of...
  25. blargman

    Monster Trumpet

    What do you guys think of these? I just bought a pair and I'm significantly underwhelmed.  I can't seem to get a good seal with them( though admittedly I do have some weird ear canals). I also can't understand why they put the volume adjustment like 5 inches from the head phone. It looks like...