1. happy spastic

    Recommend IEM's under $200 Similar to the Sony XBA-2

    Hi guys,   this is my first post on the forum.  Fantastic info, well done!   I am just looking into getting some IEM's, it will be my first pair.  I decided to step it up from the stock standard iphone buds.  They will mainly be for working out, I lift weights and do plyometric's and...
  2. Benfro89

    Best IEM under $150

    Hi all I'm new to the whole audiophile scene but i love music and im looking to get some new IEM for under $150 or so. I like to listen to rock, dubstep and alternitave rock, so sound is a big player in this. I also would like the monitors to be somewhat comfortable. I have been looking into...
  3. needsnewcans

    best iem 150 or under

    i just broke my vsonic gr06 today    so im in the market for a new set of iems would like to spend no more than 150    i listen to rap, hip hop, indie, rock, classical rock, and some orchestra   my source is samsung galaxy s3 with a digizoid zo2 amp   p.s. liked the gr06 but they...
  4. bhima

    On Second Thought: RE0's More than worth $50

    First, apologies for the wall of text, I didn’t have time to write it short. And also apologies because its not a great review as much as it is a personal head-fi epiphany, so if you find this useless or dull, you have been warned J.   So I wasn't too impressed with the RE-ZEROs that I...
  5. fobkc

    broken Vsonic GR07, recommendations

    I just recently broke my GR07s. The jack is all mess up. I just wanted to know if it would worth just fixing the jack. How much would the sound be different after the DIY fix. and if its not worth it, what are alternative IEMs that are recommeded at the $200 range? Thank you. 
  6. sheldonkreger

    Ready to Step Up from the Etymotic Research Hf5 - But Lacking Experience/Knowledge

    Hi Everybody,   A few months ago I broke my Hf5's for the third time and the warranty was over. I really liked the sound but I'm not willing to buy another pair because they keep breaking despite my best efforts to treat them nicely.   To replace them temporarily, I bought a pair of...
  7. Q

    Need new daily use IEMs

    I lost my klipsch x10 which I liked, so I need to get another pair:   - 100-300$, probably not more, probably. - not custom fitted - comfort and isolation are important, I'll be wearing them for hours every day, and they should shut out noises well. The klipsch was good for these; maybe...
  8. dannyn382

    GR07 Problems

    Hello,   I purchased the GR07 cans and have now probably 50 hours on them. I really like the way the highs and upper mids sound, but the bass on these is worse than my $30 pair of Vmoda Bass freq. I think that it is safe to say that I am a bass head, but I also like to have the ability to...
  9. spacemanspliff

    VSONIC GR04 standard edition?

    I can't find anything on this one. Any idea how it might be different from the pro? Looks like a good deal. I have a $25 Amazon gift Card and thought these would sound nice.   Opinions? Ideas for others around/under $50? Use is for portable with some dedicated listening on home rig. Music is...
  10. justinliu

    VSonic GR07 vs Monster Miles Davis Trumpets

    As the holiday season rolls along, I found that it would be a great time to indulge in spending more money to buy more sound-reproducing instruments. My question is whether I should go with the VSonic GR07 or the Trumpets. I'm just wondering whether or not there is enough of a difference of...
  11. Frankyspanky

    Westone 3 vs Gr07 vs Sm3 vs Fx700 vs Ie8 vs Ex1000 for electronic music

    I know these IEM's have been compared a lot already, but I cant really find which are best for electronic music.  I love bass, but dont want it to recess mids and highs. 
  12. -RayRay-

    JVC Fxt90 vs Vsonic GR07 vs V-Moda M-80

     Hey everybody, although ive been lurking around head-fi forums for quite a while now, i never actually created an account, but here i am, so i hope a get a warm welcome :) I'm going to give you all my personal thoughts on the 3 iems/headphone mentioned in the thread, but first ill give you some...
  13. Sonic OCD

    IEM suggestions... Help

    Hello, I'm new to this forum but have been reading quite a bit about IEMs for the last few weeks. I have a few in mind, and have pulled the trigger on one set, but want to learn some more and get another set in the very near future. I've based my decision largely on this site, and in large part...
  14. Alpina

    Best IEMs for under 250$

    Hey guys, so i am buying new IEMS. Not from USA, so harder with shipping, finding what i need, etc.. Now price is <250$. And don't ask what sound i prefer, because the only decent IEMS i used were Klipsch S3, and that's it ;)   Now looking at great review thread I just took all IEMs which...
  15. matt_sid

    Ortofon EQ5 , Ety HF5 or Brainwavz B2?

    Hi,   I'm in the market for some IEMs, however I live in South Korea and the differences in choice and price can be huge compared to the U.S or Europe. So, rather tell you what my budget is, it's probably better to tell you what I've found out I can afford after doing a little research.  ...
  16. alexmkv91

    Upgrading IEMs.

    First off, I'd like to say hello to the community. Long time lurker, finally decided to join this morning looking for some advice.   Basically, I used to own a pair of SE215s. I had left them at work on Friday due to some car troubles at lunch, and couldn't come back to pick them up. Not...
  17. Poetic

    vsonic gr07 vs hifiman re-262

    which one is better? and why  :) i have a hisound studio 3rd anniversary to drive the hifiman re262, i figured with the right amp power it would outperform alot of iems at its price range
  18. Aydindurantas

    Question Regarding Etymotic and Westone

    I own a pair of westone 2's but I mainly do most of my listening on the bus heading back and forth to the city and I receive a lot of phone calls. I use my iPhone 5 as my main listening device. Its a hassle unplugging the headphones every time I receive a call. So i'm looking for a pair of IEM's...
  19. Smithydh

    New to high quality audio, and do not want to waste my money.

    After browsing around all day and looking at recommendations and impression threads of high quality IEMs I just can't make my mind up about which IEM would be the best for my musical tastes and with a price range of $200-$300 I am not looking on blowing my money on something I'll be disappointed...
  20. Andries

    re-262 with ipod touch

    Hello head-fi members, I recently bought a ipod touch, however, my sennheiser CX-300 broke the same day. Looking for some IEM's in in the sub-$100 priceclass i accidentally found the re-262's in the multi-IEM review, and stretched my budget. So now i am planning on buying the re-262 with a...
  21. Archerious

    Dacmini CX vs M3 with Sigma PSU

    I can get either for $500 used. The dacmini has a dac, but I heard the m^3 is great. I have Q701 and GR07. Plan to get HE500 or LCD-2 soon. 50% Rock, 20% Jazz, 5% Electronica, 5% Dubstep, 5% Japanese Rock, Harajuku Dance Rock, 15% Rap, Aerosmith & Led Zeppelin fanboy. Thanks, Thomas
  22. jacobgong

    Looking for a new pair of in-ear headphones.

    I am currently using a pair of Etymotic Research MC5, I got these not long after it came out so that's about 2 or 3 years ago I can't remember. I wanted to get a new one and I'm looking for the following features: -The MC5, well the biggest complaint I have is probably the build quality. the...
  23. bobjohnson201

    Updated: Monster PRO Copper VS Klipsch X10i VS Sony XBA 3 ?

    Hi, This is my first post here and I'm looking to buy in-ear headphones and would like some advice.  The ones that I am strongly considering are: Edit: I narrowed down the list to my favorite 3 Monster Turbine PRO Copper  Klipsch Image X10i, (would prefer X10, but discontinued) Sony XBA 3...
  24. myaman

    Metal/Progressive Rock/Alternative Rock/Post Rock IEM

    Hey Everybody,   I'm new the audiophile world and have been reading these forums for a while now and they have helped enormously in providing me with information on what to look for when buying headphones.   I'm wondering if you could advise me on a good pair of IEM's for listening to...
  25. MAD IEM

    Please help me indentify

    I am buying this from china, since i am studying here. This looks really real, and i have read the comment of the buyers   http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=10357741115&ali_trackid=2:mm_14507416_2297358_8935934:1353741798_310_1398114781   so i would like to share it with u guys, is the...