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Oct 27, 2012
hello I'm looking for some in-ears to buy time for Christmas .. I have researched a bit and came up with some models

Brainwavz B2
VSonic GR-07
Phonak Audeo PFE-112
Yamaha EPH-100
Atomic Floyd-superdarts
Sony xba-2

I hope you give me some help to choose the right thing for my case

Thank you
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If need tight punchy bass and overall crisp clear sounquality then Denon AH-C300 are highly recommended over IE80, but GR07, UE TF10Pro are also great buy for there balanced soundquality and good bass response. The other IEMs like RE272, Denon AH_C400, UE900 and Sony XBA 4 are crisp clear detailed sounding IEMs.
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I like the sound tight punchy bass and overall sound quality crisp clear, balanced and good bass response .. Just do not know what you choose .. My source is a Sony X1050 and do not use any type amplifier fiio and my previous in-ears were the source. My songs are mostly rock \ pop but I want to give the whole work..

what you guys think?

Sennheiser ie 80
denon ah-c300
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It's depend how much bass quantity you want in earphone like Denon AH-C300 has lots of deep punchy bass (i mean lots like UE SF5EB or more) and surprisingly overall very crisp, clear soundquality, it,s more club like experience. GR07 has good bass quantity but much less than AH_C300 (still more bass than many other BA IEMs) and overall it,s more detailed in mids and highs.
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Fischer audio DBA-02 MKII or DUNU DN-19 "Tai Chi"

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