1. gabriel255

    Earphone recommendations similar to Triple Fi 10vi?

    Hi so I previously had a triple fi 10vi but just lost the left ear bud... so am looking for a replacement. I really enjoyed having this model so I was looking to find something similar, more all roundish as I am not a base head (although I do listen to songs with base but not obsessed with...
  2. St0RM53

    Help me make a choice with your experience! Anyone with EDM taste!

    I've made a post in the question thread but didn't got the answer i wanted. That's why i made a thread. Here's how it goes:   Hello again. After making lots of research i'm ended up having to decide between these: -Vsonic GR01 -Fischer Audio DBA-02 mkII -Vsonic GR07 bass edition...
  3. Doggy2712

    Which IEM is good for dubstep under $150

    Hi im new to the earphone industry and Ive only use the klipsch s4. Anyways, Im looking for a earphone which is good for listening to things like dubstep and edm for around $150. Someone recommended to me that the westone 1 is good and i would like your recommendations.
  4. jcasado94

    New In-ear recommendation.

    Hello! I'm not really inside the in-ear world, and I want to buy a good pair this weekend, as my old ones have broken.   My price range would be between 100€-150€ (150-200)$.   My source is an iPod 160GB classic, and 2/3 or more of my music is in lossless ALAC.   About the type of...
  5. malifact

    Lively IEM with Very Good Isolation

    I was hoping someone could recommend an IEM as per the title of the thread.  These are the factors that are important to me:   Isolation: This is the most important factor, as the IEMs would mostly be used for commuting and my train route is very noisy.  Something as close as possible to the...
  6. thedocdetroit

    Best IEM for the gym?

    Vsonic GR01 vs Westone Adventure vs Fischer Audio DBA-02 MKII vs HiFiMan - RE 272 vs Brainwavz B2 vs others   What would be the best IEM that provides good lows, mids, and highs with good isolation and durability for a gym environment?
  7. Pillveke

    In-ear. A Sound Engineer needing some recommendations

    Hey! My klipsch s4 broke so i was thinking to buy a step up cause i found the klipsch a bit muddy anyways. Im looking around $100-150,but depending on what i need i might go up/down in price. I am a sound engineer, listening to lot of mixes on the go to try them out and i dont know the terms...
  8. pigmode

    Recommend me an amp/DAC/source for DBA 02 MKII and UE 700

    I'm finally going portable. Will soon be ordering a Mission Workshop Fitzrroy (b-i-i-i-g backpack), so weight/space is a premium (more or less). Price point? Not sure, but want something that matches my IEMs. Will be using Apple lossy files. P.S. Can you direct me to Jude's earlier TV videos...
  9. jkboy

    Where is the best place to buy head phones as a UK user?

    I've been researching and decided on either the Vsonic GR07 bass edition or Fischer Audio DAB - 02 mk II, I cant find a good place to get these in the UK and Amazon wont deliver.    Does anyone have any suggestions or possibly alternatives available in the UK? 
  10. newpspbuyer

    Newbie Question

    Hi,   I've a question, I've ordered a DBA02 MKII, Rockboxed Classic IPOD 7G and a fiio e11 Question is can i connect the rockboxed classic ipod to my e11 by using an L9 cable the 30pin to 3.5mm?   Thanks in adv.
  11. janoslc

    some help ! IEM for CLIP ZIP, ROCK

    Hi,    need some help choosing new headphones,    wich is better with rock ( Oasis, Jet, Red hot, Pearl Jam, The strokes, The killers, U2, foo fighters..)   fischer audio dba 02 mkii  vsonic gr01 vsonic vc1000 astell kern akr01   i hear the brainwavz b2 and i feel it so brilliant...
  12. Sephael

    [EU] Best IEMs for up to 150 euro?

    So I've been browsing this guide, but it seems to be outdated (last update 2 years ago for the earphones I'm looking at, which is between 100 and 200 euros).     Can someone tell...
  13. takowhut

    FA DBA-02 MkII or Vsonic Gr01?

    I'm considering a step up for my IEM collection, and I like the sound from dual balanced armatures because of their transparent sound and their punchy bass. I've sort of narrowed down my choices to the models stated in the title and have tried the dba-02's counterpart, the gr07, but didn't like...
  14. Skyr795

    Tips for DBA-02 MKII

    I was looking at options for the original but according to joker's review the nozzle of the second version is 2.5mm instead of 3mm. What are your favorite tips for nozzles of this size? Of the stock tips, I like the triple flange the best but it never stays on since it's a bit loose. And the...
  15. yjasmene

    HELP....need help choosing a good set of IEMs

    I have spent countless hours reading threads on here and looking up reviews on several sets of IEMs. I had a pair of UE 5 pros. They were stolen and I'm trying to find another pair of IEMs. I bought the UEs on Ebay 2 yrs ago new for a steal and now they aren't making them anymore...
  16. kiler

    *Review inside, take a look!* Fischer Audio DBA-02 Mk II personal impressions

    Hey, look what just arrived!!!       For now I can say these surpassed everything I have heard (in IEM's) before, being the maximum the meelecs CC51. The accessory pack is quite good as well. The fit is pretty good, and these are very little, so you almost don't feel the weight. The...
  17. Carefree

    Value: Fischer DBA-02 MKII, VSonic GR07, ATH-CK10, UE TF10?

    Hi,   Sorry for another vs. vs. vs. thread.   I am looking for a new pair of IEMs, my short history:   Q-Jays:  £60 - eBay Pros:  Loved the detail, and the fit.  Sound signature took some getting used to, but I missed it when it was gone. Cons:  Cable lengths didn't work for me...
  18. seanc

    VSonic GR07 vs Vsonic GR01 vs Fischer DBA-02 MKII

    Which one is better? and why?
  19. Nachkebia

    Where to buy DBA-02 MKII?

    Hi, Sorry for uninteresting thread but I can not seem to find Where to buy DBA-02 MKII anywhere with international shipping. any recommendations are welcome. Thank you! :)
  20. FightBrothers

    R-50 or DBA-02 mkII?

    I really want to pull the trigger on either of these headphones but i don't know which one is more suited for me. I listen to: instrumental beats (emancipator, acro jazz laboratories, re:plus etc) Jazz Vocals (both male and female) Classical (mostly piano) i've never heard either of...
  21. ostewart

    REVIEW: Fischer Audio DBA-02 MKII

    Fischer Audio DBA-02 MKII Review       I would like to kindly thank Fischer Audio for supplying me with this sample for review. I will try and write as honest a review as possible.   These received over 50hrs of burn-in, but as usual with balanced armatures, no changes were noted...
  22. neeverr

    Dual BA IEM to be worn "straight down" with *ZERO* sibilance

    Hi all,  I come from 1 year experience with the RE272, two months ago I also bought the dba02-mk2...   Basically I love some aspects of this dual BA iem: - details - instruments separation - clean mid/bass   However there is a show-stopper for me: a few of sibilance and a little...
  23. redrich2000

    FAD Heaven IV - V - VI impressions

    Been searching around for a while and have not been able to find many good impressions of the FAD Heaven line up. I'm currently using some Fischer DBAII Mk2s. They have good details and separation but are very harsh/splashy in the treble. For years I've searching for a shallower fitting ER-4S...
  24. Alpina

    Best IEMs for under 250$

    Hey guys, so i am buying new IEMS. Not from USA, so harder with shipping, finding what i need, etc.. Now price is <250$. And don't ask what sound i prefer, because the only decent IEMS i used were Klipsch S3, and that's it ;)   Now looking at great review thread I just took all IEMs which...
  25. dangerzone9k

    Best over the ear headphones under $200

    Hi all,   I'm looking to purchase over the ear headphones soon and I wanted to get some reccomendations from the experts on which headphones that I should purchase.  I was currently looking at the new Sony headphones and M100s but I'm not sure if I want to spend that much money for my first...