1. Hawaiibadboy

    Head-Fi Basshead IEM thread (lists page 1)

          THE BEST IEM FOR BASS ARE.. .       The 10 Best....(impact)     Hawaiibadboy's list   1.  Sony MDR EX800ST/ 7550 *taped vent + 500mW max input. Studio tuned,mids stay relatively clean with elevated bass - Need to tape vent, stock cable SUCKZ * I own this     2. Aurisonics...
  2. 23OC23

    Need IEM heaphone recommendation for these needs...

    Looking for a pair of IEMs, will mostly be using them for the gym and walking around.   Price range: $100 - $125 Color ideally black Must have high durability as these may go through some hard times at the gym (cable can't pull/rip easy, ear phones must stay in) Must be bassy but also...
  3. NumLock

    IEM for running Marathons? $100-$200

    Please don't recommend anything under $100 or that I shouldn't run with $200 IEMs. Thanks.  I have been working out with my custom molded TripleFi10s for the past 3 years I think. Love them. But the left one stopped working. Looks like I need to get a new terminal installed. I planned to get...
  4. georgebuchs

    Ultimate Ears 700 or Yamaha EPH-100 or TDK BA200 or Klipsch Image X10 or Shure SE215 or Shure SE315

    Hi i am looking for a new pair of IEM i had monster turbines but lost them. I use an ipod nano 6th gen with 320kps songs and Fiio E6.I listen to R&B rap hip hop and house dubstep music.So if you had to chose from one of these "Ultimate Ears 700 or Yamaha EPH-100 or TDK BA200 or Klipsch Image X10...
  5. FightBrothers

    What's the best IEM under 200?

    i'm looking for a IEM that is under 200 with good soundstage good mids and highs, bass is not my biggest concern but it still have to nice and clear. i'm not an audiophile so i'm hoping for some opinions.
  6. phinael

    Looking for a pair of IEMs, $50-$150 range - need advice, the variety is a bit overwhelming.

    I have tried to do my fair share of research but in the end I would much rather decide based on people's opinion than my own limited understanding.    Now while I understand that some headphones sound better on different types of music and source material, there is also a subjective "sound...
  7. monkeyboy73

    help me upgrade from my MEElectronics CC51

    I have been lurking for some time and the |joker| guide helped me pick my first IEMs - the CC51.  It's time for an upgrade.   Music: I listen to lots of genres, so an all-round set of IEMs should work for me.  some examples are - 80's pop, 90's alt rock and pop (BNL, NIN), classic rock (YES...
  8. Me x3

    Cheap IEM's never sound good

    I really don't have much experience with IEMs but from the only experience I've had I got this idea about them: There are no cheap IEM's that sounds good. I'm sure that is not correct, but then I never get to those cheap and great sounding IEMs. I mean when talking about full sized...
  9. arielelf

    Replacement for TripleFi10

    My 3rd set of cords for my triplefi10's just broke and I discovered that replacements run close to $70 now. I bought the FiiO cable and really do not like them at all. They are gigantic and weigh down the buds and make them come unsealed very frequently.   I think I would like to try a new...
  10. Dabboo

    Good non-over ear IEMs?

    Hey Head-Fi,   I'll be in the market for some more expensive IEM within the next few months but most of the high quality IEMs seem to be over ear.   I was pretty set on the Shure SE215s but I then realised they were an over the ear design but I really don't like the feel of having cables...
  11. music-meister

    Best for gym / physical activity:

    Anybody have a recommendation for decent quality earphones that can work well at the gym and will keep a good seal throughout a workout?
  12. heimsothe

    IEM from $30-$120?

    Hey guys, I am looking for an IEM that is in the price range of around $30 to $120. I listen to lots of music and genres. Pretty much all across the board. I love rap/hip-hop, indie, alternative (soft alt like ed sheeran and more hard alt like A Day To Remember), country, and mainstream. I...
  13. razor5cl

    Future Sonics Atrio M5 or Yamaha EPH-100?

    I have seen a lot of people here on Head-Fi recommend both these IEMs, and I don't know which to get. I listen to electronic music like house, dubstep, drum and bass etc. Any thoughts?
  14. Rewkie

    Looking for iems with a LOT of bass for under $350

    I pretty much only listen to electronic music with heavy bass. So i want subwoofers in my ears. :D Ive heard of asg 1s and fxz200s having good bass,but just wondering if there are any others to think about.
  15. 7221

    New to earbuds, which pair would you recommend?

  16. whendeathfails

    Bass head in ear/buds?

    Im back again looking for a pair of in ear/buds  that will let me get the most out of those bass heavy beats i love so much. I was just wondering some personal faves or the best for the style. id like the price under 100$ but will go to 150$.
  17. W

    Best earphones for ~£50? Good bass and highs

    I'm looking for some new earphones for around £50, preferably cheaper.   I bought the Klipsch Image S4s 2 years ago and I remember those being fantastic, maybe because they were the first premium earphones I bought.  I then bought the SoundMagic E10s which were pretty bad and kept falling...
  18. defed

    "Down-grading" to in-ear

    I've been using a pair of Beyerdynamic DT770 - 32ohm for the past few years.  They are the first pair of higher quality headphones I have owned and I've been extremely satisfied. However, I know I would do more listening with a pair of in-ears so I'm looking to "down-grade." I've done some...
  19. hifi nub

    Deuce wicked audio

    http://wickedaudio.com/product/deuce/   So we have an Alco closing near us. Went in roaming around and came across these for $8.55 with tax, 10 bucks with 20% discount.   Lolz, the best 9 bucks I've ever spent. They seem on par with those yamaha eph-100's with less bass.   Crisp and clear...
  20. Ananasov

    IEMs choice Yamaha EPH-100 vs DUNU DN-900 vs T-PEOS H-100

    Hello guys,   I need advice! I have FiiO x3 along with Brainwavz S1 headphones which were present to me... To be honest I don't like them that much...I have the feeling that I am missing lots of stuff.    So, I've been doing some research and have stopped on these three iems: Yamaha EPH-100...
  21. KraziEarss

    Beginner audiophile needing help...

    Hello audiophiles, this is my first post here at head-fi and I want to say wow! Such a vast wealth of knowledge that has helped me realize I want to dive further into this world. I thank everyone for all the knowledge shared but I have a few questions. First, I am entry level. I am looking for...
  22. estreeter

    Best isolation up to ~100USD ?

    Hi All,        I just want something for the flights I'll be taking in 2014, esp SYD-KUL. In addition to the time you spend on the plane, there are the hours at the airport with Klaxon-style announcements and a general barrage of chatter around you - I just want to zone out. Pretty much any...
  23. X

    What is your favourite IEM?

    For me, my personal preference was the Shure SE 846, i love the base of it so much. So what is your favourite IEM? Let's discuss about it.
  24. john dough

    Any recommendations for a IEM to pair with Fiio X5

    I just got the Fiio X5, which i am very much enjoying with my Shure 215s.  I would like to do a little better than this for a portable though.  I have some cool headphones like the q701 and Beyerdynamic DT880, but I feel a little silly leaving the house wearing any of those.  The 215s are...
  25. fnkcow

    Yamaha EPH-M200 and EPH-M100 : EPH-100 Successor

    Yamaha EPH-M200    Experience Sound Anew The world’s first* earphones featuring β-titanium sound tubes.  A rich, natural sound produced by revolutionary technology.  A comfortable fit and a simple, beautiful form brings music closer than ever.   Fond memories of the...