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Any recommendations for a IEM to pair with Fiio X5

  1. john dough
    I just got the Fiio X5, which i am very much enjoying with my Shure 215s.  I would like to do a little better than this for a portable though.  I have some cool headphones like the q701 and Beyerdynamic DT880, but I feel a little silly leaving the house wearing any of those.  The 215s are definitely cool and work well for stage performance with the isolation and all, but are maybe a little sketchy for walking, driving, riding bike, etc.  I also own the UE SuperFi 5 and am not particularly impressed with it.  Personally, I like a bit more bass, wide soundstage with good separation and detail.  Trying to keep it in the 75-150 dollar range.  I'd like to get the most out of the X5 as the portable player it is but can't really afford higher end.  Any thoughts/recommendations?  I'm open to a portable headphone, but am thinking an IEM is a better option.  Thanks in advance.
  2. Hapster
    save your money. At that price range, the bottleneck will be your IEMs
  3. matias271983
    Yamaha eph100
  4. john dough
    Thanks for the reply, these def sound appealing.
  5. awayeah
    There's plenty of options in this price range.
    I'm very much enjoying Havi B3-pro (ver.1) but it may be a little bass light given your preferences.
    You can try Monster Gratitude - while they're quite big, they have great bass and great overall sound - they can be found very cheap.
    I can also recommend TDK ie800 or maybe Klipsch X10.
  6. H20Fidelity Contributor
    Either Ostry KC06 or (read about the low isolation)...or... (for $200, yes we're pushing it) most certainly Dunu DN-1000.

    Or possibly Vsonic VC1000 for about $120. < Good isolation.
  7. john dough
    Awesome, thanks.  These suggestions are helpful, i was a little discouraged at first.  I'm going to look into these for sure
  8. john dough
    Based on what i've read about these suggestions, I think i'm most interested in the Yamaha eph100, tdk ie800, or possibly stretching for the dunu dn1000.  I wish some of these were more readily available for in store purchase though.  Which of the suggestions would be most excellent with the X5 i wonder?
  9. john dough
    I ended up going for the Dunu dn1000 from one of the members here.  I look forward to receiving it later this week.  Thanks for the suggestion.  

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