Looking for iems with a LOT of bass for under $350
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Jan 8, 2013
I pretty much only listen to electronic music with heavy bass. So i want subwoofers in my ears. :D Ive heard of asg 1s and fxz200s having good bass,but just wondering if there are any others to think about.
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First off - http://www.head-fi.org/t/596233/buying-portable-or-in-ear-headphones-seeking-guidance-dont-start-a-new-thread-ask-for-advice-here
The FXZ200s would do quite well, yes. If you just want us to list a bunch of bass-heavy units, that's understandable. Otherwise any other preference (if applicable) in terms of mid/treble quality, or even simply qualities of the bass (texture, speed, characteristics as such), not to mention comfort, isolation, build, etc - stating those would give us an easier handle for recommendations as we would be able to personalize them better (a list of basshead IEMs can be easily compiled, either from review references or otherwise).
But to comply with pretenses regarding current wishes, here's an arbitrary list - 
Atrios MG7
Among other things.
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The Denon C300 has most powerfull bass i have ever heard on IEMs include more than UE SF5EB, JVC FX700, FXZ200, MTP Gold and IE8. Denon C300 has large dual dynamic drivers(earpiece is bigger than most dynamic drivers IEMs) and they produce very powerfull bass and crisp clear, mids, highs even bit more clear than IE80 in mids, highs and wider soundstage. It also has some extra features built in earpiece and it match well with these genres music.
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The Denons are definately something to think about. And nicholars the Monster Tributes seem to have heavier bass than the MTPGs from the reviews ive read. So how would they rank on the list? Also whats a safe place to buy from? Ive encountered fakes before and i dont care to do it again.
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I PM'd you if you are interested....
I think the tributes are now discontinued.... It is the trumpets which are still in production... Not sure if they have more or less bass and the Turbines... There are a lot of fake turbines about though so I wouldnt buy them on ebay.
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Does anybody know how good the trumpets are on bass? I like the design so much that i might get them even if they have lighter bass than the pro golds. But if there is little to no punch in the bass i will get the denons.
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The Trumpets have less bass. They still have a bass emphasis, though they're the least bassy of the Monsters I've heard. I'd put them about on par with the JVC FX700s.
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Personally, I recommend the Miles Davis Tributes. You can still find them on eBay and Amazon and they have the bassiest sound I've heard in an IEM, beating out the MG7 Atrio M5.

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