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Feb 2, 2014
Hawaii/Japan/Your Head



The 10 Best....(impact)​

Hawaiibadboy's list

1.  Sony MDR EX800ST/ 7550 *taped vent

+ 500mW max input. Studio tuned,mids stay relatively clean with elevated bass
- Need to tape vent, stock cable SUCKZ
* I own this

2. Aurisonics ASG 2.5   *100% open port

+ Bass tune able via dial
- mids get clouded with 100% open port,treble roll-off
*I owned this

3. Sony  Z5

+ Massive upper bass and crisp highs
- un tuned bass will bleed into mids (needs EQ)
*I own this

4. Trinity Phantom Master #4

+ massive bass on call with mids still being good (not hollow scooped)
*I demo/toured this

5. TFZ5

+ Massive bass able, very easy fit
- cable is bad and mids are a bit hollow
*I own this

6. Sony xb90ex

+ great bass,stage, mids,price
- Needs an amp,no earhooks
*I own this

7. Kumitate Lab KL-REF

+ tuning bass dial, hybrid design best of it's kind
- Very expensive, hard to find, custom only
*I demo/toured this

8. JVC HA-FX1100

+ bass, stage,mids
- Fit is difficult
*I owned this

9.Yamaha EPH M200

+ bass ,mids
- N/A
* I owned this

10. Sony  MDR EX1000 <<<<Personal favorite (not basshead)

+ huge stage, extreme eq and amp ability with minimal effect on mids
- Fit is difficult (tips), must use an amp and must use EQ,peaky treble
*I own this
 Gear used:
ifi Micro iDSD (Full turbo mode)

Eq's Used:

EX 1000 only
About Me:
Came from car audio and am an SPL freak. I use a iFi Micro in "Turbo" mode which is rated at 4000mW @16 ohm. I use the eq's in the images above. I love Hip Hop but am also a big classic rock fan. The Ex1000 are my "go to" set for their ability to play my 2 favorite genre' exceptionally. If you use different gear and different settings your results will be different.
I love bass and I love mids and I love clarity and staging
Bass>>staging>>mids>>clarity in that order.

Chillaxing's Top 10

1. Sony 7550/800st

    + good stage, good detail, monster bass, takes massive amount of power, balanced when not pushed for bass, good price 
     - cable, need tape mod for basshead levels, shows sibilance at times, needs a lot of power to shine.

2. Aurisonic Asg 2.5

    + good stage, bass port tuning, monster bass, great mids, shows no sibilance at all, 
     - Discontinued, expensive, rolled off treble, not as detailed as others, fit issue for some, bass bleeds into mids with bass port fully open.

3. Aurisonic Asg 2.0

    + same as the 2.5, mids are more foward
     - discontinued, hard to find, fit issues, not as balanced as the 2.5 with port closed.

4. Elecom Ehp-ca3580

     + Cheap, monster bass, do not need amp but will benefit with one, build quality for price
      - dark, veiled, fit issue, 

5. 1964 U8

     + Good bass, doesn't need a lot of power, detailed, great 3d staging, good imaging
      - Very expensive, memory cable a little stiff, need a good seal 

6. Aurisonic Kickers

    + good bass, doesn't need amp, benefits with an amp, sparkly highs but not piercing
     -  discontinued, some sibilance, needs eq without amp, 

7. Sony ex1000

    + Great wide stage, minimal bass bleed, balanced, can take a lot of eq, great imaging, detailed, audiophile set.
     - expensive, isolation, cables, needs a lot of eq to bring out bass, fit and seal issue, need tip roll, peaky upper mids/lower treble

8. Westone 3

    + does not need amp, comfortable, 
     - discontinued, nozzle can break off easily, will show some sibilance







iDSD Micro
Chord Mojo


Android phones

Eq apps:


Vapman's Top 10

1. Aurisonics ASG 2.0

    + more bass and overall energy than 2.5
     - bad at dynamics, less refined overall that 2.5

2. Sony 7550/EX800st

    + exceptional stage, monster bass with taped vent, but honest studio tuning without taped vent.
     - not truly impressive until you give it tons of power, stock cable sucks, treble can be slightly sibilant sometimes

3. Aurisonic Asg-B

    + bass is just as good as ASG 2.5 but more focused on the bass. more comfortable fit than asg 2.5
     - discontinued, hard to find, fit issues, very rolled off treble

4. Kumitate Lab KL-REF

     + Personal #1 for refined bass
     + Hybrid design perfected, bass tuning dial
      - Almost $2k, CIEM only

5. Rose Cappuccino MK2

      + Personal #2 for refined bass
      + Good bass without amp, responds to EQ great, closer to ASG 2.0 than ASG 2.5, smooth treble even at loud volumes, mmcx connector is common
      - needs a strong amp to achieve truly slamming basshead level bass, stock cable is hideous, bass gets much less refined at basshead levels

6. Aurisonic Kickers

    + great choice if no amp available, capable of top 10 bass without amp
     -  discontinued, some sibilance, doesn't react particularly well to amping

7. Sony XB90EX

    + Can't go wrong with this for under $100, almost as good as a taped 7550/ex800st
     - treble is sibilant, overall slight veil on sound

8. Radius NHR 21/NHR 31

    + does not need amping but takes amping excellently, cohesive fun sound
    - more mid bass focus than other list IEMs
    - treble and mids feel not as energetic as the bass, slight veil to overall sound
     toured / borrowed







iDSD Micro
Zamp v3


LG V10

Eq apps:

ReaEQ (PC)
Onkyo HF Player (Android)


1. EX800ST (taped)
2. ASG G2.5
3. ASG G2
4. Tralucent Audio Ref 1 Too
5. Sony Xb90ex
6. Elecom 15.4mm ca3580rd
7. Sony ex1000
1. Tralucent Audio Ref 1 Too
2. Sony EX800st (taped)
3. Sony ex1000
4. Sony Xb90ex
5. ASG G2.5
Equipment used varied, but my favorite setup would start with:
Fiio X7->Mojo->Transducer
I used many configurations, the above was the best for refinement list.
Overall impact list:
Fiio X7->Mojo->Headstage Arrow (5tx)
Arrow settings, gain on II, base boost all the way up, low frequency, and treble usually on 1,for asg on 2.
Max refined (Hi-Fi low end boys)
1. Sony MDR EX1000
2. 1964 Ears U8
3. Kumitate labs KL-REF & KANON
x. Earsonics  Velvet      * QC issues caused removal....and borderline bass qualifications
4. Sony XBA Z5
5. Westone W50
6. Unique Melody Mentor/Mavrick
7. Shure SE-846
8. Jerry Harvey (Layla/Roxxane)
9. JVC HA-FX1100
10.Aurisonic 2.5
11. LEAR - LHF-AE1d
No EQ or AMP needed
1.Future Sonics G10
2. Alpha & Delta  AD01
3. Aurisonics Bravo Kicker
4. Yamaha EPH M100/M200
5. HiSoundAudio Wooduo 2
6. JVC FX850
7. Denon AH-C300
8. Onkyo IE HF300
9. Soul SL99
10. Pioneer SE-CX8 Pioneer SE-CX9/ Pioneer SE-CL751
11. Monster Turbine
12.Velodyne vPulse
13. Sony MDR XB40EX
14. JVC FX102
15. KZ ATE (s)
16. PumpAudio  PUMP
17. Philips SHE3580
18. FLC  FLC8
19. Sennheiser IE80
20 T-Peos Raisel
Some IEM may exist in more than 1 category as the 2.5 will probably be in the first 2 like the TH900 appear in 2 categories in over ears.
You may submit your own Top 10 list for consideration you may not include any item you have not heard and you should if asked provide exact hardware and settings.




 Source: X5
Amp: Cayin C5 (bass boost- on, High gain-on)
10 band eq settings ( below)



By Luckbad
Posted 3 hours, 32 minutes ago ·
Pros: thunderous bass depth, clarity achieved with 2 BA tweeters, doesn't need EQ to provide satisfying bass , adjustable bass port, comfortable
Cons: expensive, small case may damage earphones, needs an amp to shine, some dislike the stock tips, mid-bass overemphasized w/ bass port open

[Originally posted at Basshead.Club]

Bring on the thunder and lightning.
Aurisonics’ flagship triple driver hybrid combines the incredible sub-bass of the ASG-B’s 14.2mm dynamic driver (plus a tuneable bass port) with two balanced armature tweeters for a unique earphone experience.

Aurisonics ASG-2.5 Features

  1. Triple Driver: Hybrid combination of 14.2mm Precision Dynamic Driver with custom tuned next generation tweeters.
  2. Tuneable Bass Port: Tune the bass for precise, mechanical tuning of low-mid bass frequencies.
  3. 3D printed, Digital Hybrid Technology (DHT)™ shell: Fits 95% of ears like a custom (Hybrid custom/universal fit derived from ear scans).
  4. Born in Music City: Hand-crafted with pride in the heart of Music City, Nashville, TN.
  5. Color Options: Available in Polished Black, Polished Red, Brushed Nickel, and 24k Gold.
  6. Custom: The AS-2.5 is the custom version of the ASG-2.5, adds an Ambient Port option for pass-through sound, and has additional color options.

Aurisonics ASG-2.5 In the Box

  1. ASG-2.5 earpieces
  2. Detachable silver-plated low oxygen copper cable (92 Pin Style connector)
  3. Shock/Dust/Waterproof hard case
  4. SureSeal™ tips
  5. Cleaning brush
  6. Valve adjustment tool

Aurisonics ASG-2.5 Impressions

If I were to have one complaint about the Aurisonics ASG-B I reviewed a couple weeks ago, it’s that they lacked clarity and no amount of EQ would be able to get you perfect, sparkling highs. The ASG-2.5, however, includes two balanced armature tweeters in addition to the 14.2mm dynamic driver it uses to produce its incredible bass response. Clarity and detail are excellent, and the tuneable bass port (which, being a basshead, I have fully open) is a welcome addition for those of you who aren’t as into bass as I am.

The ASG-2.5 floats effortlessly between rap, EDM, classical, rock, blues, and every other genre I’ve thrown at them. These are some of the most versatile IEMs I’ve used–as well as some of the most expensive. With their versatility, however, these approach real affordability since I have half a dozen other earphones that serve a more specific genre well (e.g. I use the JVC HA-FXZ200 almost exclusively for bass-heavy but subued electronic music and Pioneer SE-CX8s for hard-hitting rap and EDM). The ASG-2.5 can do virtually anything you want them to.

I rarely talk about audiophile terminology like soundstage, but I have to betray my standard for simplicity by commenting on it with these earphones. The soundstage is out of this world. Listening to a track like Chesky Records’ Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring is almost transcendental in its delivery and staging. While I usually drop some of the mid-bass and low-mids to lay the sound back a bit, I actually like to remove my equalizer from the equation entirely listening to the Chesky tracks.

To speak only of the basshead potential of this earphone, it is second to none in its bass depth and ability to cause your chest to rumble and breath to catch. It is only equaled by its bass-player-centric sibling, the ASG-B. Coupled with the ASG-2.5’s ability to shine with nearly all music genres, this could be the end-game basshead IEM for many. It lacks only in bass punch and impact when compared to the Pioneer SE-CX8/SE-CX9, and those only achieve their mind-blowing levels of impact with a proprietary Bass Exciter, so it really isn’t a flaw of the ASG-2.5 to have less raw impact.

If any other company boasts that it has the end-game IEM for bassheads that can challenge the ASG-2.5, I welcome the opportunity to review them (Lear, 1964 Ears, AAW, Tracluent, Sony, JVC, errybody else, I’m lookin’ at you).

No earphone is perfect, so let’s talk about a few of the things I’d criticize.

The mid-bass is a bit bloated and clouds the mids with the bass port fully open. I prefer to have it cut off by ~150Hz for the ultimate basshead experience, so I use EQ to drop the mid-bass and low-mids a bit (see the frequency response graph to see where it’s a bit high).

CAUTION: Don’t use the case they send you. The case that comes with this flagship IEM is inexcusably small. If used, it can actually damage the casing of the earphones. They sent me an extra clamshell case, and I expect Aurisonics to replace the included case in the future (they’ve commented as such, which is great that they’ve listened to customer feedback).

If you are looking at IEMs in this price category, you definitely have a good amp to complement them, right? If you don’t, you shouldn’t consider an earphone at this level until you have a good DAC and Amp to drive them. The ASG-2.5 needs a good amp to sound great, so don’t try driving them directly from your phone or you’re doing these beauties an injustice.

Others often criticize the SureSeal tips as being hard to find a proper seal. I liked them for the ASG-B, but curiously agreed with others for the ASG-2.5 and used double-flange tips instead.

Conclusion: The Aurisonics ASG-2.5 is my current top pick overall for a basshead IEM. It has matchless sub-bass depth, solid impact, and manages to give you the best of both worlds with its dynamic driver providing deep bass and 2x balanced armature tweeters delivering crystal clarity.

Aurisonics ASG-2.5 Frequency Response Graph

This curve was generated using a Dayton Audio EMM-6 Electret Measurement Microphone, Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 audio interface, and Room EQ Wizard. The mic calibration file was provided by Dayton Audio and the output calibration file was generated using the program itself (3.5mm out on PC to 1/4″ input on Scarlett 2i4).

Frequency Response Graph for ASG-2.5 (Bass Fully Open and Bass Fully Closed) and ASG-B

  1. ASG-2.5 Bass Port Fully Open = Red
  2. ASG-2.5 Bass Port Fully Closed = Green
  3. ASG-B = Blue
Quick Notes

  1. ASG-2.5 Bass Port Fully Open (Red) and ASG-B (Blue) are virtually identical up to ~700Hz.
  2. ASG-2.5 Bass Port Fully Open (Red0 and ASG-2.5 Bass Port Fully Closed (Green) become identical after ~1500Hz.

Aurisonics ASG-2.5 Specifications

  1. Driver: Precision Dynamic 14.2mm + 2 custom-tuned, next generation tweeters
  2. Frequency response: 8Hz – 25kHz
  3. Impedance: 41 ohm +/- 10% @ 1kHz
  4. Sensitivity: 123dB @1mW
  5. Passive noise attenuation: NRR 22db
  6. Construction: 3D printed, Digital Hybrid Technology (DHT)™ shell fits 95% of ears like a custom (Hybrid custom/universal fit).
  7. Cable: Detachable silver-plated low oxygen copper cable
  8. Colors: Polished Red, Polished Black, Brushed Nickel, 24k Gold
  9. Warranty: 1-year

Aurisonics ASG-2.5














  1. - Thunderous bass depth
  2. - Bass complemented by clarity of 2 BA tweeters
  3. - Doesn't need EQ to provide satisfying bass
  4. - Adjustable bass port
  5. - Comfortable, fits like a custom


  1. - Expensive
  2. - Small case may damage earphones
  3. - Needs an amp to shine
  4. - Some dislike the stock tips
  5. - Mid-bass overemphasized w/ bass port open

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Of all the IEM I've audtioned or owned no others reproduce bass impact quite like Aurisonics ASG-2. While its not completely sub-bass focused ASG-2's like being struck by a world-class boxer behind the forehead. We're talking extreme (over emphasised) impact which strikes you behind the forehead with authority. It also has bass tuning ports which must be adjusted lightly in small increments or you can ruin the presentation. Not even XB1000 from my testing could accomplish what ASG-2 can, and from a tiny IEM.

One of the best things about ASG-2 is due to the adjustable bass ports "you decide" what you want in quantity. And with some fine tuning and sensible approaches they can cater for many peoples preferences due to the bass tuning system.
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Atrio MG7???
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Atrio MG7???

They were ok, apart from the plasticky housings looking / feeling like they came out of a Kinda Surprise egg. Hippo VB are another popular one but they're really 'all about the bass', without a tremendous amount of care for much else.

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