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Dec 1, 2019 at 12:02 AM
Nov 14, 2009
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Sits up all night comparing IEMs., Male

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Dec 1, 2019 at 12:02 AM
  • About

    Headphone Inventory:
    AKG N5005, Beyerdynamics T1 v2, DZ7, 64 Audio U-12, HE-560, JH Audio Angie, Oriveti Primacy, ATH-IM03, 1964 EARS V6, 1964-Q, Aurisonics ASG-1.2, Fidue A83, Hifiman RE262, Westone W4, Hifiman RE400, ATH-MSR7, Zero Audio Doppio, Zero Audio Duoza, Sony XBA-4, ATH-CKM500, AudioFly AF78, Creative Aurvana Live, JVC FXT90, Vsonic GR07, Sony 7550, JVC FX40, Sony EX600, UE TF10, Fischer FA-011, Earsonics SM3, Earsonics SM2, Shure 215, ThinkSound TS02, Panasonic HJE900, Klipsch Custom 3, Shure SE535, SE530, Ultimate Ears TF10, Radius HP-TWF11R DDM, JVC FX700, Ortofon e-Q7, Monster Miles Davis, ThinkSound Rain, Etymotic HF5, Playaz N1 - N3, Xears (several), Audio Technica ATH-M50, Beyer DT-150, Monster Copper (list includes present and past headphones and in-ear monitors).
    Headphone Amp Inventory:

    Fiio E9/E7, Fiio E5, Fiio E1, Fiio E10
    Cable Inventory:
    Westone clear cable

    DIY awg silver cable
    Other Audio Equipment:
    B&W Nautilus 804 speakers.


    (Favorite earphones/SQ-only): 64 Audio U12> AKG N5005 > JH Audio Angie > DZ7 > LZ A5 > W60 > Aurisonics AS-2 = D2 > FX850 = 1964 V6 = M4U4 = = Um Pro 50 > K3003 (hybrid) = DN-2000J > IM03 = H3 (hybrid) = 1964-Q = Cardas EM5813 = FAD Heaven V = FI-BA-SS > CKR10 = CKR9 = Duoza = Dunu Titan 1 >TE-05 = Doppio > M200 = RE-400 = MA750i = Dunu DN 900 = Havi B3 pro
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